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  1. No - the DWP have somehow accessed my private facebook account and copied off photos from times I was not in receipt of any benefits. they have taken things off the internet about me and made it look completely different - people should be very aware of their digital footprint and how it will be manipulated
  2. Really - that isnt what it said on the letter - they said 60 days
  3. No I did not appeal as I cycle through bouts of bad depression and by the time I was back on, the time had expired to do anything
  4. I am not a terrorist nor have I inspired race hatred but the DWP are suing me in Crown Court becuase I was on a waiting list for 3 years with PTSD and a slew of other mental health issues and I went out of the country and got some assistance. Their evidence is stuff I posted on FB - one is a photo from 17 years ago! My question now is how did they get this and is it legal in court? Thanks for replies peeps - this really is a minefield especially for anyone struggling with the black hole of depression/panic
  5. Does anyone know what the situation is regarding so-called evidence garnered from a private page on Facebook? In light of the current furor and FB insisting it does not give access to government agencies - is it legal for the DWP to use Facebook in court?
  6. Hi - my first post here but saddened to read through the threads. I have been charged with benefit fraud despite having mental health issues from PTSD and all the ensuing problems. Heres the thing - the DWP appeared at the door with the police last August and stormed my bedroom even though my Mother told them it would give me panic attacks then the DWP woman proceeded to ransack the room while the police were downstairs with me which I have been told contravenes PACE. I wrote a letter to the office manager and to Lord Fraud, sorry, Freud and was of course blown off Hillsborough style. During interview at police station same DWP woman also accused me of things that could not possibly be true such as my son was never in this country, knowing it would set off a panic attack. Are there human rights? My question is - what recourse do I now have to at least enforce my rights. They think dealing with mentally vulnerable people they can just blast all over us as wr are too weak and I am wanting to show otherwise.
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