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  1. Everyone is being a bit harsh on you Dejavu! You must be really angry - I know I would be - but even though the truth hurts - it could have been put more tactfully MB and G&M! A guest came to my house and parked outside - we are residents parking and she stood just inside my door to deliver my daughter, and in the few mins that it took, the traffic wardens managed to put a ticket on the car without us noticing! In our area there is two hours allowed inside marked bays - but the lines have all been worn away - my friend paid up straight away, the advice I got here was to fight the ticket as the lines had gone - she was infact on what was once a single yellow line. she could not have known that - but she isnt going to appeal as they are so hot on collecting cash round here that they never listen anymore I also get cross about folk parking in "our" area, and going off to town, but still think that there should be some discression used now and again by the parking maffia, it is really becoming rather stressfull, trying not to fall foul of all these rules! IMHO!!
  2. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/oft-test-case-updates/126399-oft-test-case.html that is the thread that I am following or at least trying to! Its very long and goes off topic quite a lot - but over all it keeps me up to date...I think!!!!!! Hope that helps? - now, go and get a cup of (redbush!) tea and settle down for a long read! Nice to see you here again.............................Darling1:p
  3. IT used to cause me imense trouble when my ex was ordered in court to pay me meintenence for the kids and it used to be taken out of his account and then took 5 days to arrive at mine too late for the council tax DD....I used to ask who had the money in those 5 days and who got the interest on it? certainly my ex didnt and neither did I - they never told me the answer to that - but I ALWAYS got a charge on the DD being returned - and the council always got snotty over it........
  4. yes it seems that you can obstruct your own gates! (the car is to large to fit into the victorian wide ally way laughingly described as off street parking in the property details) and there is a single yello line ac cross the gateway, and a notice saying that you cannot park on the yellow lines between 9-5 mon-sat.. Like you said PT2537 she should appeal against the ticket for parking on a piece of missing yellow line...anyone on this site would - but some people are too damned "nice". She paid up the same day over the phone, but I will direct her to this site and to your comments and hopefully she will defend herself. I have looked at where she was parked and we can put a awhole car in that place and none of it is on yellow lines! I shall ask her to come back and have a photo of her car in the spot to proove it - somehow I bet she doesn't... Sorry Pen - for the hyjack!
  5. uhhh???? Actually they would probably love us to close it LOL - they stopped making money out of us when I WON against them last year!!!
  6. Wow Dave! Very True! That is exactly the problem now - its all gone too far ..... - last weekend a friend was collecting my Daughter and was having a small natter in my hall the door 1/2 open - when she got out the "parking ambasadors" as we call them in Salisbury (well I actually call them another unprintable name!!) gave my friend a parking ticket that pointed out that she was in a parking permit zone and on a yellow line....well you can park outside our house for up to 2 hrs and as for the yellow line it wore out months ago and there is NO YELLOW LINE! But she paid the fine immediately! she must be MAD! We also got a ticket for parking across our own gates the weekend before it was 0910 on a Saturday morning! At the moment they are patrolling our quiet road all day, every day, and on that Saturday were going at it two at a time one on each side of the road! Not very long ago they would have knocked on our door and said you had better move - but now they are intent on enforcing the law - or is that collecting the revenue? - BUT when the yob kids near by kicked a hole in our fence and I took a photo of them , and the shop nearby had a good picture of the kids on their cctv we were told it was not in the public interest to prosecute them!!!! BUT obviously criminal types like Pens' son really do need to be taught a lesson! That is in the public interest as they make £30 out of him/Pen. It makes me MAD Keep thinking of moving abroad to try and find life like it was a few years ago when we were a free country.....
  7. I find that hard to believe Pen!!! LOL Sue x:p
  8. You have a manager ????????? - I was told at my branch of Nationwide they no longer have a manager?? so you can no longer demand to see the manager! But if anyone bites me on the bum whilst i'm there...I shall know its not the manager!
  9. Funnily enough I was wondering if the OFT case goes as I hope it will.....will I be able to claim for the charges all the way back to '84!!!......without the X's co-operation? Dont think that he will want to "help" me to win LOL:D it was a joint account and we must have had a whole load of charges from then to 96 when we divorced!....
  10. Well my old timer story is set in the 80's...........my son was diagnosed with leukaemia, and my husband (now the x) was not managing our account very well - for the obvious reasons..we were all over the place, I had stopped work, we were travelling all over for treatment and the bank manager called him in to say, please dont worry about the account - that LLoyds (yes Lloyds!) understood and that when things seemed a bit more settled we could sort out our finances. True to their word we did not have to even ask - just take what we needed and they covered all our bills etc. My son died and within a week of his funeral we were called in to ask how we were going to pay them back!!!! That was the begining of a long history of loans and bank charges! Oh well!! But at the time it ws nice not to have to have the added worry of threats and returned DDs etc...
  11. Wilkinss208...is the bos - royal bank of Scotland and when did you put in your claim -?? I am building up a whole lot of charges at the moment at the HAlifax and I would liket to make a claim - not sure if I should start out claiming now or just wait?
  12. I thought that the main point was the fact that banks are charging an enormous amount for this so called service and then charging when you cannot afford the charges that they have imposed! This is not just about the fact that some people are unfortunate enough to get into difficulties, and if we were all fortunate enough to be masters of our own destinies most of us would choose not to use banks AT ALL.... we do not choose to do so - we are payed that way - peolpe have benefits payed into banks - we are made to have DD's or pay more for services - you have to have a good credit score to buy a house etc etc... There are a lot of people I know who say they have never had any charges - then when they look have had some - they were just not so desparate that it really affected their lives - but families and lots of young people are desparately affected.
  13. Think that rather depends on your age!! Doesn't it?? I dont think I want to be doing everything for my kids forever!! LOL:p The point I was making is serious though....the bank was prepared to accept the argument that it couldn't be unauthorised / as they had indeed authorised the transaction via his debit card in Tesco, last year......they could have just told him to go away! They did actually have a "service" that would have been completely free to use - but at opening of the account that was not "offered". Obviously that would not have made them any profit at all... so by giving youngsters the "freedom" to get into trouble and then make charges - and then charges on the charges that they obviously cannot pay - and then eventually offer them loans ....well there is a nice little earner - it seems rather calculated to me
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