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  1. I am trying to move my sky to my new address, I am aware that I am tied into a contract as I recently upgraded to fibre optic in October. When I got no response from the online form, I phoned them to complete the transaction. They told me they couldn't activate the homemove as my fibre optic hadn't been activated as yet, presumably at this point I as they hadn't provided the service, I would not be in a contract and could have cancelled, they asked me to phone back the day after. As if by magic the fibre optic was activated the day after and a BT engineer came out at 8am to check the line. I phoned back to be told they still can't activate the homemove as their computers have had an upgrade and are charging £65 for the new hub, which should be free, I have the option to wait until they have sorted this issue or pay the £65, which will eventually be reimbursed or credited on my bill, surely this is extortion?!? The customer service operater is going to ring me back in 2 days, to see if the problem with their system is sorted. I am concerned as I am moving in 10 days and need the Sky installed before Christmas. I have asked to cancel the contract, but they are now stating the the fibre optic upgrade has been backdated to October, when it was originally ordered. Do I have any grounds to cancel if they can't provide the homemove service, and didn't activate my fibre optic for 2 months. Do they have any rights to charge me £65 for a free service on the proviso it will eventually be refunded?
  2. Many Thanks, a bit of light reading for me later today
  3. That's usefull information, do you know if that is written down anywhere, so I could quote it in my appeal? Many Thanks
  4. It was Sandwell Council, I've tried to attach a picture of the sign, I hope it's worked!
  5. Hi, I parked yesterday on a side street in a parking bay at 20:55, there were no yellow lines and the parking bay were outside a row of shops, one of which I was visiting. I came out to find a CEO putting a ticket on my car, when I asked why, he pointed to the sign, 'Resident Permit Holders B1 Only, at any time except Mon-Sat 8am-6pm, 2 Hours no return within 3 hours'. My vehicle was observed from 20:58 to 21:04 and the contravene took place at 21:03, I was out of the shop by 21:05, as the CEO was still taking photo's. I should have checked for signs, but as the bays were single white lines, and no yellow lines, and all the other bays were empty, and it was the evening, I presumed, any restrictions would be for shoppers during the day, I certainly didn't expect to see a CEO at 9pm! I don't know if I have any grounds for appeal, the only thing I can think of is the period of time of the observation, I don't feel this is a long enough period to get a visiting permit from the resident holder. Also looking at the road marking on the direct.gov website, it shows double white lines at the start and end of the bays, I have looked on streetview and all the lines are single. Any advice would be appreciated, but in future I will be checking all signage
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