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  1. Thank you. Didn't mention previously that it's a spouse's pension. Quick online chat with the Pension Advisory Service and looks like spouse's pensions are exempt.
  2. Hypothetical example: If someone is claiming a final pension salary since 1996 does the total amount paid out count towards the current lifetime allowance? Thank you
  3. Stigy - Thank you ever so much. Your comments have really helped me explain my actions in the best possible way. That was my main aim coming on here so the inspectors don't read my letter and say, "that doesn't make sense so here's a court summons". - If/when I do write to them with my response is it worth mentioning my travel history and that I can show proof of payment via bank statements on every trip I've made to London in the last 12 months? And the same where my husband can demonstrate that it was him using his ticket on the Saturday's it has been used in the past, and not me?
  4. Hi Sorry if I'm not explaining this in the best possible way. Essentially it is as per my response to question 2 above. I just wanted to mention on here that when I presented the ticket to the guard and when he told me the photocard isn't me, I briefly said that I have one myself and I've picked my husband's up by mistake. He didn't seem interested in any 'excuse' that I had so I'm not sure if he would have noted it down. But regardless, I didn't persist with this feeling it better to not to lie and make the situation worse. Throughout, all dialogue with both the guard and the inspect
  5. Thank you all for your comments. I very much appreciate your input. It's these 'gaps' that I want to ensure I cover when I do get the opportunity to respond to SWT. However, that said, the whole incident (even the whole day) seems a blur, hence why I did something so stupid. 1) Were you questioned by the Revenue Inspector under caution? I definitely wasn't cautioned. I wouldn't even say I was particularly questioned. There were words exchanged between the guard and the inspector that I couldn't hear. The Revenue Inspector asked if my husband knew I had his card, to which I said "Yes"
  6. On a Saturday I used my husband’s season ticket on a journey into London, using South West Trains. I know it was wrong and I completely underestimated the consequences. I absolutely didn’t intend to break the law. This has been an incredible learning curve, not just for me but my friends and family. I'm so angry with myself. Having researched the situation on the internet I’m now a complete mess. I am a professional person, but currently raising my son full time. I’m always very honest and have never done anything like this before. I received a speeding fine and 3 poi
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