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  1. Slick, Thank you for your swift response. I have noticed many similar complaints. I have been a member for a long time (approx 5 years) and don't have any T&C that I know of. It is a rolling agreement with 3 payments notice required. We have had a baby and I can not remember the last time I used the gym! Many thanks for your assistance. Rgs, Jonathan
  2. I am having enourmous problems cancelling our gym membership and have had a major falling out with Harlands. The basic premise is that a DD payment was taken on the 8th February and we also gave 3 months notice (or as Harlands put it 3 further DD payments) on the same day - 8th February. I consider the 3 months notice would take us to the 8th May therefore the last 3 payments would be 8th Feb, 8 Mar and 8 Apr. I therefore cancelled our DD on 28 April. Harlands disagree and say notice being given on the same day as a payment means that the 8 February payment was taken before not
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