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  1. HELP NEEDED ASAP!! Hi, I had a £80 loan that was due for repayment on the 5th of April, i didnt pay back the loan to cash genie as I stopped my wage going in my bank account because my bank was messing me around with charges I decided to open a new bank account with a different bank, cash genie took £600 from my new account today without having my authorisation to take it from my account. They didn't even have the sort code or account number, as I phoned them they said they had right to do this and I asked how did they get my new bank details and they said as I've paid for something online they've linked it back to my name and address and said it was in my terms and conditions that they could do this without me giving them my new details, the lady of the phone was very rude! And said as I made no effort they are untitled to the £600, Is this right?
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