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  1. Apart from being extremely difficult to get through to a person at Vanquis without a valid card number, their customer services couldn't find my wife–presumably because the account is now in default and sold on. So it will have to be a letter. SAR with a tenner, I think, and assuming that no response is received in time, then we will have to ask the court to delay the case. Can I use a cheque for the SAR fee, or is a postal order safer?
  2. A quick question as I might need to act fast. My wife has just had a Scottish small claims summons delivered to her previous address, though Nolans know her current address. I think that this is statute barred as I believe it to be over five years from her last payment. Is it safe to phone Cabot to ask when the last payment was made? Or should this be asked in writing and the court asked formally for an extension of time for their reply? I will try and post more detail tomorrow. The promised further detail. The Form 1a was sent by Walker Love, on the behalf of Nolans S
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