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  1. A recent example of managerial unfairness: the early May bank holiday a duty manager asked for 1 of the 2 chefs to come onto shop floor as we was not busy and they needed help. Now rather then the manager send the boy he sent me! I asked why this was when I got back as I was a bit ratty, tiered and had hurt my back from the work I had done, and he said he couldnt do without a main cook when I said there are currently 2 cooks and no orders to be cooked so the need for 2 is ridiculous he had no comment. This is an example of when I have been selected to do a "rubbish" job over someone
  2. Hello I am starting a thread because I need all the advice I can get right now!!! Basically I have been working with my company for 2 yrs 4 months now , i am part time at 16 hrs a week. Basically issues begun late 2012, in August I had 2 weeks off with stress/depression. During 1 of these weeks I had a pre booked holiday, being company policy to allow you to retake any holiday (because you cannot be sick and on holiday rule), i thought i may be able to retake this , they said I was not allowed as I had not made them aware of when I was returning from work (tho my Drs note stated the
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