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  1. Hi all. Thanks for popping in. I've started a thread here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/121063-overdraft-lending-decisions.html#post1243465 If you prefer, move it to debt, or leave it in Abbey. I'll keep it updated.
  2. Having done this I sent Abbey a letter on 29 October as follows: No cheque has been cashed nor reply received as of today. Just a letter from Abbey stating thanks for my letter, sorry to learn of dissatisfaction, and SAR is passed to Compliance department for response, and they will be in contact shortly under separate cover. Their 40 days is up just before I go away on honeymoon. I'll send a chaser just before I go, then I'll give them the extra days while I'm away and will be contacting the ICO in January with a complaint if necessary.
  3. ICO were happy to agree with Natwest's assertion of trade secret. We will of course see what they say about what Abbey have to say - eventually.
  4. 'Banks never want you to repay an overdraft' - Telegraph I actually put the title as "Natwest state trade secret" but the change isn't an issue. I have since requested that Abbey inform me of their automated logic in increasing my credit card limit. Data Protection Act 1998 (c. 29) Section 7(1)(d)
  5. Ok. I called the Customer Liason Executive who sent me the letter and has been dealing with my case 3 days ago. He was unable to tell me if he could change my number and said he'd call me back. He did so yesterday and told me was still waiting to hear from some other department about this. I said I wasn't prepared to wait any longer and that I'd like to run with their first suggestion, that I should transfer back to BT in order to get my number changed, as that appears to be my only option. I was told no problem - oh, and I don't need a MAC code because I'm on the new LLU system, jus
  6. I'm just just not sure about publishing this name and number, although I'd like to. I'd be happy to give it to anyone who needs it by PM. I don't know how to complain further. When I mentioned my complaint about false info being given out, I was told that's a staff training issue and I wouldn't be informed of the outcome - neither would my MP be, and neither would Ofcom be, when I asked. So how do I commence resolving this issue for others? Watchdog haven't called me back either.
  7. Talk Talk received a report from Ofcom and called me today. I was informed TT tell people they can't have their numbers changed as they wish to avoid doing this, but they can do it. They prefer to put in place procedures to block withheld numbers etc. The person I spoke to was unaware that I had been told to go back to BT to get my number changed, and was unaware that staff were giving out this information. I said a part of my complaint was the company policy in this area with regard to a customer requesting a number change. I was informed there is no company policy for this as they would not
  8. Ok, TT are driving me mad. Apparently my message to the team wasn't passed on, which is why I never had a call back. Of course, you have to call 10 times before they'll action anything, silly me, I forgot that bit. He asked what it was about. I said I hate to tell you because I know what you'll say. I told him I wanted my number changed. He told me I'd have to go back to BT. I told him that's absolute rubbish and he knows it. It states in their terms and conditions that they'll change the number. I asked when the team would call me as I've already done the 5 day wait? He said all he could
  9. Having received 2 texts from friends that Watchdog was doing TT, I just contacted BBC Watchdog by phone and email, stating links to here. I hope they will follow this through.
  10. We posted together. Lol. I called them. They have my number. And I stated consumeractiongroup too!
  11. On Watchdog in a mo.... anyone got a phone number? Ok, I got it. Called them. Gave them this site address and my user name. Hope they follow my story through. I expressed serious concern that with the unbundling of the lines there appears to be no provision for anyone receiving nuisance calls etc to be able to change their number.
  12. Today I have received a letter from my MP, Ian Taylor, signed by himself. Good response. No response from TT complaint department yet. They have until Friday - their own deadline.
  13. Forgot to mention my letter received from Otelo dated 20/9/06... They refer to their enclosed terms of reference regarding how to complain. They say there are two situations if I have already complained to TT wher I can then involve Otelo. 1. "You are not making satisfactory progress". This states I must allow TT 3 months to deal with my complaint!!!!!!! 2. "You have received a deadlock letter from your company". This states I must pass my complaint to Otelo within 6 months of the letter. No great response there then.
  14. Update... I've been checking royalmail.com for Ofcom's receipt of my letter. Last week I was told by Royal Mail that if it's not received after 10 working days, it is deemed lost. 10 days was today. It appears my letter is lost. But wait! I get home from work, and there is a message on my answerphone... So I called it and explained the whole scenario, which obviously they must already have on file. I expressed my utter disgust at their customer relations. Actually the poor guy was quite nice. I think they actually train people to deal with complaints at this high level telephone
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