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  1. Thank you steampowered, that is the simplist explanation yet. it is small claims, i think i have been looking at it all wrong. if i can also ask when preparing my witness statement is there any do's and donts'. thanks again
  2. Thanks slick, the company went into administration whilst i was still training. BARCLAYS tried to remedy the breach by arranging a new supplier but it was not like for like...the fos partly upheld my case...the award was 800 as appossed to the £6800 i had paid. i therefore started a small claims against barclays... i have evidence of misrepresentation, and believe they are responsible under section 75.. the remedy of new provider took 5 months and was materially different. hope this helps
  3. Can anyone help..... i have a small claims court date of 26th july 2013 against BPF, I have been through the FOS and they partly upheld my case. it was for a training course through HIT/PROPERTY PROFESSIONALS which went into administration in 2010. I cant afford legal representation and am seriously concerned about my ability to produce a satisfactory bundle. My claim is on the grounds of misrepresentation, section 75, and possibly " non- est factum. Could anyone help as the more i try and produce this bundle the harder it becomes thanks in advance
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