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  1. Wow that was quick. Thank you. Shall ignore. Though (like others) am slightly concerned - I have just moved house and only just notified DVLA so when my Royal Mail redirection stops I wont get these letters at all - which is some ways is a blessing but in others, makes me worry about what I dont know about....
  2. Hi there As you can guess I've received a Charge Notice from the above and, having scoured this forum, am just concerned that legislation may have changed the 'ignore' instruction? If Highview did pursue this to court I think I would have little defence - whilst I quickly checked signage on entering the car park, I didn't actually use the store so maybe clear warnings inside? I have already written to Tesco as another poster found this successful. I only have a couple of days to pay the 'reduced' amount if that is now the advice so any guidance much appreciated.
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