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  1. Hi all, i am new to this site and would just like some advice. I have been trying to claim my ppi back since the beginning of April. This was for personal loans dating back to 1998. It was for three separate loans one paying off another. I received a letter yesterday saying they uphold my complaint, but are offering an alternative redress rather than paying back all premiums paid. I have received bank statements from them but i find them very unclear as to exactly how much i have paid in premiums, they also say that the final loan did not have any pii added. I have had lots of mis-information from then since the beginning of this whole saga so was just keen to know from yourselves if they can do this. I did not want any of the policies but was told it was compulsory to have the loan. Also the statement shows on one of them that nine hundred pounds was deducted as single premium then refunded ten days later which is strange as i didnt cancel it as i thought it was compulsory, im just a little confused and any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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