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  1. Great advice, thanks. I will ask for evidence of when the signs were put up. Cheers
  2. Is it? Thats a pity. They leave the yellow signs lying around until you start to ignore them, and then one day just stick up the white paper underneath it specifying a couple of days of no parking. Nothing was done one any of the days to warrant the bays being reserved either. Surely theres something in that. And in that I have had two successful appeals of parking tickts in the same spot in the last three months. Majorly dodgy parking warden: civil enforcement officer 0418 is a proper [problem] job. Needs to lose his job.
  3. Oh by the way I have already paid the fine - £65 (£150 after 14 days!!) I'm going to call up Hackney tomorrow and ask for a refund, because I have decided to appeal it.
  4. sorry the picture is sideway.. not sure how to right it. Download it and rotate it if you like
  5. Hi, My car has been parked outside my house for days. I saw it being ticketed and ran downstairs to be told that this single sign had been up for 3 weeks. I had seriously never seen it, but how do I prove that it wasn't there? Is it even legal? Is is so small and only says no loading. Not no parkling. This is the third time I have had a parking ticket from the same warden. The last two times were slightly different, I appealed and won each time, but with NO explanation as to why the mistakes were being made. It is so maddening. Also during those days, nothing happened at a
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