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  1. so is there a template for a letter I could write to them now? or should I wait for them to take me to court?
  2. But surely any company could write any amount and stick it at the top of the letter. I was only 19 when I took the loan out I didn't take one out for 10,000. It has clearly been doctored as like I say my address is completely mis- spelt.
  3. Thank you both for you help. Do you know where I can find a template for the non compliance letter?
  4. Good Evening, I sent a CCA request to Natwest in January in regards to a loan I took out in 2005. I was under the impression that the loan was initially for 5,000 and being very young and silly I couldn't cope so ended up going through a DMP and paying monthly payments until Jan of this year. However, when I closed my DMP they sent me a statement saying that I still owed Natwest almost £9000. Natwest have played their usual games so far, demanding a supply a signature etc and eventually providing me with a "true copy" which states that the loan was for 10,000, my address spelt completely incorrectly and my signature was nowhere to be seen. I have since put the account in dispute but they have passed the debt on to Westcott and are claiming they have complied with the CCA request as they don't need to provide a signed copy???? Can anybody help with my next steps? Thanks in advance
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