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  1. thanks. How caan we find a solicitor who works around that area please?
  2. Hello guys. so my brother sent an email asking for forgiveness and told them he was going to study in medical. they asked for proof and he provided this, but today they have refused it. the court is next week, whats the best thing to do now please? get legal advice? should i go with him to court even though they didn't ask for me? please please someone help?
  3. thank you but to be honest my naive ways have caused this and they are not responding and my brother is in the middle of his exams, but I'm praying.
  4. no. they wrote to him asking for an explanation and he wrote back explaining what had happened and in actual fact he should have asked then to settle out of court. anyways after that letter, they sent the court summon a week ago.
  5. he wrote to them and then received the summons and he's emailed since theen. should he write too again? and if he calls can he plead over the phone? cheers
  6. and as far as I know I've not been told to attend. so he's looking at paying almost a £1000? also does a criminal record mean he can't attend University?
  7. yes hee has emailed them pleading. can I call even though the case is under my brother's name? You suggest that we keep calling, what should we say to them? Also if he goes to court one should i go with him and two should he get legal advise or take someone with a bit of legal knowledge? many thanks. h
  8. My brother already has a court summon and he's written to settle out of court. but in the statements it doesn't say that they know he used it for a week.
  9. hi there. I think a week, i mean for all its worth, i actually didn't know it was a crime. but now that is done, I'm regretting not researching this before. i can't seem to find the transport forums link? cheers
  10. Please,Help. Dear team. I'm a blind person and recently my brother was caught using my freedom pass. He wrote to London transport, however he was sent a court summon. He has written another letter asking to settle out of court. We both realise what a horrible mistake it was, but is he likely to allowed to settle out of court? Should we call them to see whether they have received his email. I'm so worried, because the court date is in a month. Many thanks for your help. H
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