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  1. Thank you to everyone. Case closed for now. I'll just add I laugh at these cowboys! I am far from worried with their petty threats and red inked paper..
  2. Sorry I didn't mean to come across like that. My bad. I definitely appreciate the time. I will go through it again, but I have no documentation, no yellow slips, no letters, nothing.. all binned... Because as far as I am aware, these people write their own laws, so I write my own too, just tell them to f off. I will read over them all but not sure how trying to clear up some ntk slips now will do anything, it's all been passed to debt recovery, I think anyway, because I never answer unknown calls. Anyway sorry I have gone on... Maybe we should close this here.
  3. OK but I do not have any of the tickets left, no info on calls, no letters nothing, binned it all! As far as I am concerned , they don't deserve my time, not even me worrying about them, they all belong in hell. Looks like we are not getting anywhere with my original post. Thanks all anyway.
  4. Thank you. Honestly these PCNs went in the bin 15 months ago. I have no idea the final amount, don't really care much either.. Just needed to know if those scumbags can obtain my address in any way at all. To be perfectly honest if it come to anything I would just apply for a Debt Relief Order, but I don't think it will, and honestly I am not wasting any of my precious time worrying about cowboys like this, been there before, woke up in sweats after receiving red inked letters, before I knew how the game is played by them (inflicting fear into peo
  5. The NTKs are from 16 months ago, I have no intention of paying them. I will look at the link shortly but can't see what good it will do. Thanks.
  6. Insurance companies have every right to pass my details on.... to anyone?? Not what some posts above are saying. Why would the insurance companies give my details away, what would give them the right, that's surly breach of contract.
  7. i don't have the energy to be begging to parking cowboys not to sell my 'invoices' (not debts) to DCAs. The fact is they do so very willingly. I just want to minimise any contact between me and any letters, 'visits; etc.
  8. Yes. Just want to make sure no DCA can obtain address unlawfully (in my opinion).
  9. I have not used a comparison site for some time now... Do they really pass your info on? When it says "we sometimes use your information for third parties to make your life better..." Basically we just sell your data to anyone who wants it?!
  10. Well who hasn't had a few debts passed on eh?! And who really wants to give the light of day to any of these scumbags. I accumulated 35+ yellow tickets NTK when parking at my shop premises and they have definitely ben passed on now, not that I care, because in my opinion they should never have been granted access to patrol that car park.
  11. As the name suggests, can any debtors / DCCs get your address info from motor insurance companies? Thanks.
  12. Looks like I better own up, so couls be a chance to do a course... ? Do you know how soon these can be done, or could I opt to do one in 5 or 6 months?
  13. OK that makes sense, so what if I said it wasn't me and I could not prove anyone else weas driving, it would land on me yes? As honestly I do not remeber driving there. What shoula I do now?
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