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  1. Looks like I better own up, so couls be a chance to do a course... ? Do you know how soon these can be done, or could I opt to do one in 5 or 6 months?
  2. OK that makes sense, so what if I said it wasn't me and I could not prove anyone else weas driving, it would land on me yes? As honestly I do not remeber driving there. What shoula I do now?
  3. I think the general jist is for me to own up to a speeding offence. I do not remeber this incident though, as in the location and why I would have been there.. 'I' was apparently doign 39 in a 40. I have never had a speeding ticket or one of these in the door. I did get a DD10 (drink and drive) and that was 4 years and 7 months ago so nearly up. Clean license. Should I just sign it and own up or challenge it, I am meant to be leaving the country end of January.. What are my options? Thanks.
  4. They will send bailiffs? Surely they will have to apply to send bailiffs in? How long can that process take?
  5. Hi.. This is a business issie. I have been refusing to pay the sum British Gas have asked for as it was not reflective of what I have used and they had me on a non contract basis.. I used U SWITCH to switch supplier and am now in contract with this supplier, I have signed it... I was not in contract with British Gas. A court date was issued which is in a few weeks time - for BG to come and disconnect... But can they disconnect if I am now in contract with another suppier? I never signed anything with BG.
  6. Sorted.. I called them and they said the bill was for an additional 6 months from my move out date to next year..... now come down to £403 for the year... Still seems a bit much? £36 a month?
  7. OK - I am calling them now, would you agree that £600 is way too much for one year though? I am single male. it's not like I even use a lot of water!
  8. £300 a year sounds right, that I'd have no issue paying... I just feel £600 is wrong? I will call them today!
  9. Not paid yet... and i dont think therer is a meter as such..
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