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  1. Hi all, I have recently submitted a grievance/appeal for unfair dismissal and discrimination. I have been invited by my boss to a 'without prejudice' meeting just between the two of us. Is this something I should be wary of? I have googled a lot of info and advice protecting the employers position but not much for the employee. Any advice or tips about how to handle this type of meeting would be much appreciated many thanks
  2. is it not the case that the dismissal (which is the act of discrimination) is the final day of employment? I had not chosen to leave and the final leaving date was chosen by management to suit the company. Subsequently my job was advertised and given to someone new who will take over when I am eventually dismissed . Aside from the timing issue, from the brief outline I have given does it sound like I could convince a judge that my pregnancy was the main reason for my dismissal. I can't think of any genuine evidence that they would have that they were unhappy with me before my announcement.
  3. Hi Becky, it's the timeframe that makes this an unusual case. I had a free initial consultation with an employment solicitor a while back because I was concerned about the3 month rule and he believed that the 3 month rule would start from when I actually have to leave my job (end of July) as this is the final 'act of detriment' to myself. I didnt pursue the case with the solicitor due to the costs involved upfront so also talked to a CAB employment advisor who said the same thing. I hope I have been given the right advice. If I was to submit an ET1 would the ET people tell me the claim wa
  4. Hi all, I have been lurking on this forum for a while and read some excellent advice however my situation seems unusual and has been troubling me for months, It’s a bit of a long one. I began working for a company in Sept 2012 after a pretty rigorous recruitment process and was offered a permanent part time position subject to a usual 6 month probation period. All seemed to be going well, I got on with my department, involved myself with planning and running extra activities and had a positive appraisal meeting in Dec where my line manager asked me if I would take on more hours. I
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