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  1. Managed to copy in Word document and remove personal info, details below: Credit Agreementregulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 Between (1) Txtloan Limited, 1 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND("the Creditor") (2) United Kingdom ("the Debtor") This agreement,the credit that we provide and your repayments Credit Limit - £100, or such sum as we may from timeto time offer (see condition 1.5). Once you have entered into this Agreement you canmake a request for an advance. For each advance you request and that we arewilling to make we will tell you before you
  2. I could but it is a PDF document and contains my personal information
  3. yep I know - I can use that as my negotiation in getting a significantly reduced settlement figure so we will see
  4. ok thanks live and learn - never again! will get the CPA stopped and then come to an agreement with them
  5. ok thanks - original loan before interest is £200
  6. just received this: Thank you for contacting us. An electronic agreement is a legally enforceable contract under the consumercredit act 1974, there is no requirement for signatures from both parties.Names of both parties are quoted in the contract. Contract is signed between: (1)Txtloan Limited,1 Cornhill,London EC3V 3ND ("the Creditor") (2) Me - United Kingdom ("the Debtor") This agreement reflects the contract that was signed electronically by you on21/08/2012. The provision of a reconstituted agreement in this manner wasaccepted by the High Court on 23 December 200
  7. any advice would be appreciated here: TXT Loans sold the debt to Equiddebt who sent numerous texts and phone calls daily, I spoke to them and asked them to send me a copy of my signed agreement etc.. . received email saying they had requested this from TXT Loan 15th April and the account was on hold - Heard nothing since until an email today from TXT loan saying that they had transferred this debt to a new collection company - forwarded TXT loan the email from Equidebt who then responded straight away apologising and saying they wanted to come to arrangement with me di
  8. I have had major problems with this company - constant phone calls / texts I asked them to provide me with a copy of my signed credit agreement which they did not provide - they then took £177 from my bank account and sent me an email saying I had three options to clear the remaining debt! told them they had a damn cheek stealing my money and the fact I had put the account in dispute - funny that was over a week ago and no texts / calls have been received since from them! I am concerned they may try and still take money I have not authorised so I have asked them to rem
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