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  1. I have this morning just received a letter from Blue Crest. They have acknowledged that a technical fault and administration error were the reasons for my report being wrong, They state their operations manager "Will speak to the Health Screening Team to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future" I personally think speaking to a couple of nurses was a little light on operational protocol and that a full investigation and change in protocols and monitoring was required as is perhaps the replacement of the operational director who thinks words can influence rigid methodology. Does this make you feel glowing and comfortable if you had a previous screening? The issue is, I made 5 phone calls one email and had to wait for a letter a week later when a mistake of this magnitude coupled to my obvious concerns should have been resolved immediately by a courtesy phone call or email return. Blue Crest have offered me a FREE screening to compensate me. That isn't compensation at all and they seem to ignore the issues of my disruption, need to fast, day off work, and the compensation is actually an offer to do it properly the next time. They have thrown in a free Thyroid test too. Does anyone think this event should be looked into by the medical council or government agency after all if we have so many mistakes in my report which could have resulted in my death from over confidence in my health isn't this likely to have occurred in someone else's appraisal too?
  2. I just received a Personal Health Report from Blue Crest Health Screening following a medical with them. The report stated I was very overweight had a Body Mass Index of 40.5 (which is high) and blood pressure as stage 2 hypertension 189/101 but the lung fuction of a 22 year old? Surprisingly they stated I had a zero risk of heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years. I couldn't believe that I read the report in detail and found they listed me as 5'4 instead of 6'1 which of course increases my BMI and risk ratio. I called Blue Crest immediately 7 days ago 6 days ago emailed the managing director Peter Blencowe on the email address he gave on the brochure asking for feedback. In the absence of a response I called three more times and was given the name and number of Lisa who apparently deals with customer complaints on 01903 253 173. Its an answerphone and despite leaving three messages she has not responded. The only contact I have had from Blucrest was from their accounts department who stated I owed them £29 . I insisted I had paid in full and on checking my receipt number they agreed I had paid in full. The issue is, this personal health company cant even get their payment process accurate, they have sent me someone else's report or they can't take and record measurement properly. There are two issues, if I believed their report which stated I had a zero risk of heart attack or stroke I could have been at extremely high of death risk considering the data listed above. What is even worse is that after 7 days they have not returned any communication or attempted to put things right. Should everyone who has had one of these medicals revisit the results and double check the results and advice ?
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