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  1. thanks, I've found it, I'll send it off to them anyway even though it says that it would be a different DCA. In regards to the fact they havent acknowledged the SB letter, do I just wait it out? in the letter I stated that I would await written confirmation from them that no further action will be persued sorry for all the questions.
  2. I cant immediately check my CRA file, I've tried but I need to send them photocopies of ID and proof of address, Its something I'm getting around to doing it though. I've just noticed that at the bottom of the letter it says that they will send my account to a specialist collector who WILL arrange for an agent to visit my home to negotiate settlement. This can not happen, I'm a chef and I live where I work at a hotel, I don't want the employers knowing about this.
  3. hello, to cut a long story short I've had a couple of letters from red debt collection services for a debt which I'm pretty sure is statute barred, I sent them the SB letter by special delivery on 21/05/13 guaranteed to arrive before 1pm the next day (which it did), anyway I've since received another letter from them dated 24/05/13 stating that if I don't pay they will "be sending my account to a field agent or one of chosen debt collection partners unless you arrange repayment" Nowhere in this letter does it acknowledge the SB letter they have received, could this be an automat
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