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  1. @BankFodder I appreciate what you're saying, I was following a different thread with a very similar set of circumstances and was trying to use the same process. The item shipped was a small home safe. Small but heavy. The T&C's I posted were sent to me by UPS as part of their defence so I posted them as they were referenced by the defendant. Probably none of it is relevant. Is there a point in going for mediation here? Or follow through with Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act?
  2. I'll try to keep this short and lay out the facts in bullet points: Dec '20 - shipped an item that was sold on eBay (non-trade sale) with UPS that was transacted via Packlink. - Extra compensation was purchased. - Item weighed approx 20kg and was clearly marked to this effect on the outside - UPS damaged the item in transit. Buyer had to be refunded full purchase price. - Contact was made with UPS via email and after protracted back and forth they denied any responsibility saying eBay was liable. - Filed a claim with Packlink which was obviously dismis
  3. Well, happily this warranty is standard on all their appliances, so nothing extra was paid for. I don't believe in extended warranties - once bitten etc... My thoughts after I made my last post were, that regardless of warranties, the last visits should have been under SOGA. So, your comment still stands anyway. My only concern is that they write about "Our warranty covers electrical and mechanical failure with your machine only". This surely can only apply to the extended warranty, and not my statutory rights? Also, what is the legality of their justification for refu
  4. This is their emailed response: Where do I stand with this? I still maintain that the machine is obviously sub-standard if I have issues within the first year of use.
  5. I have an ISE appliance which was purchased from them directly last year. The machine comes with a 10 year warranty and suffice to say it is a very expensive machine at £900. Within half a year of owning it I had to call out an engineer to fix a fault. Again, 2 months after that, the same fault plus another warranted a further call out. In March I made a call out for an intermittent, but serious problem. As luck would have it the engineer couldn't simulate the problem. I did, however take a video of the problem after his visit. Now I have received an invoice from ISE for
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