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  1. That is fantastic news, thank you for your advice.
  2. They have already responded with a defence but what I mean is they have marked every single day from now until the end of April and unavailable to attend court. How can any company not be available at all for 6 months? To me this is a deliberate attempt to delay the process. The background is the Travel Agent produced a new set of T&Cs mid pandemic and uploaded to their website, they have been applying the new T&Cs retrospectively to all bookings (including 2 of mine) that were booked in 2019. I have won my cases as they were booked with credit cards and I could use a section 75. Unfortunately many people used debit cards and have been restricted to 120 days as section 75 is not open to them and they have to rely on a chargeback. The defence is a load of lies about the T&Cs including and admin fee clause, it did not at time of booking.
  3. I am asking for a friend who needs some advice, hope someone has some insight. My friend started a MCOL against a travel agent, at the 11th hour they asked for a further 14 days then again at the 11th hour they rejected the claim with a lot of false information that wont stand up in court. They have marked every day until the end of Aril 2021 as unavailable. What can my friend do, by marking every day unavailable they are clearly trying to frustrate the process but I don't know what he can do now. Many thanks.
  4. Thank you for that, this is an area I have been really worried about and appears a minefield with the names a company uses. I have a legal advice line I called who said I probably should not worry and if I named who I purchased from and the name that appears on all correspondence I should be OK and one to use regardless of other names they use. I have discovered the office might be more than a PO box and a friend is scouting it out for me: Fourth Floor, 8 Brewhouse Yard, London, EC1V 4DG I looked on the business's listed in the building and they have Travix Travel Uk Ltd That name however does not appear anywhere on my documentation, I know their parent company is Travix International B.V in Amsterdam. Now, I have searched Travix Travel Uk Ltd and a company search shows the same CEO: MANGELAARS, Johannes Jacobus https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/07349865 It's looking much more likely I can enforce a high court writ at these offices and I should know more after my friend scouts it out. The name is still a worry of me, I don't want the bailiffs sent packing as they have "budgetair" on their paperwork but equally I'm being told to use the name of the company on my paperwork. Budgetair give this: Our postal address is: BudgetAir.co.uk 4th Floor, 8 Brewhouse Yard, 156-176 St John Street, London EC1V 4DG But I belive the address at the bulding is: Travix Travel Uk Ltd Fourth Floor, 8 Brewhouse Yard, London, EC1V 4DG
  5. I will research this now, what is the chance of using a 'third-party debt order' when I don't know their bank details, is there a way to get these details, they only appear to deal in credit/debit cards? I have certainly learnt a lesson during this period, I will never use a travel agent again for anything except package holidays. Uncle, Thank you, It looks like the EEO will be my best option if I can't use a third-party debt order. The EEO is still OK until Brexit is finalised (after that is unknown) but as long as I start it before year end I believe I am fine as anything started can conclude. This brings me back to my previous question though, my judgment is against budgetair.co.uk but their parent company in Amsterdam is Travix International B.V I believe the cost is only the cost of a writ at £66 but would the EEO be issued against Budgetair.co.uk and therefore not enforceable against Travix International B.V? Or will I get the option to update the defendant as: "Travix International B.V (trading in the UK as BudgetAir.co.uk)"
  6. I have a section 75 I started on the same day as the MCOL. You might think it strange to do both but I have zero faith in my bank, Santander take 3 months to process a S75 and so far rejected two other claims due to a force majeure clause, something the EU and UK government have said the pandemic is not. Both these claims are now with the FOS but the ombudsman's is currently working to a 4 month delay. I really take another case taking 7 months to conclude, it's soul destroying.
  7. Hi all, Hope someone can assist me as I feel a bit out of my depth. Sorry for a long post in advance, it's probably best to set the scene as full as possible. We purchased 2 flights to Canada and returning to the UK from San Diego, the flights were with American Airlines (operated by BA) but importantly, booked through a travel agent budgetAir.co.uk on 9th January 2020. BudgetAir’s first failure was to inform us that part of the flight was cancelled but after we discovered this from the airline and drew it to their attention, there were no suitable alternatives available so they agreed to refund the cost on 20th August. EU law says they have to refund me within 7 days of a cancellation but obviously with the pandemic and they having to get the money back from the airline it’s reasonable to wait longer. The problem here is they keep telling me to be patient but American Airlines keep telling me that nobody has asked for a refund yet. Just for clarification I keep asking American Airlines as other people in a group I belong to have been waiting since February/March with no refunds. On 26th September I sent BudgetAir a “notice before action” giving them 7 days to either refund me or for us to agree a mutually agreeable future date for a refund. On 5th October I started a MCOL which was issued the following day on 6th October. On 26th October I requested a default judgement which was issued today 18th October. Two things concern me: 1, BudgetAir are a part of Travix International B.V in Amsterdam, BudgetAir are not listed as a Limited company in the UK, BudgetAir.co.uk is a trading name of Travix International B.V they use in the United Kingdom. This is the only UK address they provide anywhere on their documentation, this also explains a little more of the company structure: https://www.budgetair.co.uk/about I’m concerned I have used the right company name on the MCOL but it’s the only name they trade with I the UK. 2, My second concern is the address, I believe the London address may be no more than a postal address and will not give high court bailiffs any ability to recover goods. With the above thoughts, I don’t know how to proceed now I have got a judgement, assuming they don’t pay. My only option could be a 'third-party debt order' but I don’t know how to get any bank details, I paid my credit card and have no information (nor can I find online) about their banks. Any thoughts would be gratefully received, Many thanks Anthony.
  8. Well in my view a success. Today I got a letter from Renault UK's solicitors, not admitting any liability but paying the full amount and claiming if they requested a set aside it would not be cost effective. I know what I think but we will see as it's booked in for a further three so a new claim for three times the amount in a few weeks..... GULP For anyone interested here is the letter: scan0004 by kudos1uk, on Flickr [ATTACH=CONFIG]44626[/ATTACH]
  9. It has a full up to date service history but not with Renault in recent years.
  10. So.. guess what... another window failed today...... GRRRRRRR When I booked in last time I had 3 windows not working by the day of repair only one was faulty, despite ordering three modules they only fitted one as they.... "have to be faulty on day of repair" The others were so-called tested and deemed OK. Three weeks on and another failure Will it still be faulty when I take it in? How many visits will I have to make before I can get all four fixed? What now another small claim for another £108 + cost? This whole situation is totally beyond a joke....... RENAULT WAKE UP AND THREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS TO SOME CUSTOMER CARE!!!!!
  11. It's too late to edit the first post but these are the links I wanted to add where the red text is: This person making living repairing: https://sites.google.com/site/proluxelectronics/how-to http://www.renaultwindow.co.uk/renault-megane-window.html Other background Here 1st question on Renaults FAQ: http://www.renault.co.uk/ownerservices/customerservice.aspx Guardian article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/may/11/renault-faulty-window-motors Big thread on Renault forum: http://www.renaultforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=112519 and here: http://www.renaultforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=109441.
  12. Your right of course, I can never prove the numbers of failures per 1000 cars, even Renault don't have those figures as a lot of people self repair. There are sellers on ebay selling kits and one man with is own website who make a living refurbishing these units.
  13. Thanks all, my minds almost at rest again. I guess it's all speculation for the next 30 days. It's my view it's unreasonable for all four of my windows to have failed, that's not normal wear an tear and when you Google it or talk to the technicians at the franchises it's clear Renault have a major problem. my four windows will cost me £400-£500 to repair, based on the one It's going to be £432. Thanks again all.
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