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  1. Letter received from Council today: "I ankowledge receipt of your letter regarding the outstanding balance with Jacobs. Unfortunately we are unable to liaise with Jacobs regarding a payment plan and you will need to deal with them direct." Ideas?! (still nothing from Jacobs)
  2. Update of sorts:Sent off my letter aksing for council's assistance with dealing with Jacobs but not heard anything, thought perhaps they might be waiting to see if I make my first proper scheduled payment (paying it on Wednesday though not due til Monday) before responding?Not heard anything at all from jacobs, not sure whether they've called again or not at any point when I've not been in.Next steps?Px
  3. Do you think asking them that may antagonise them? Or I suppose I could ask if they suggest "I either contact my local MP and/or the Local Government Ombudsman to resolve the matter" with Jacobs who won't liaise a reasonable repayment scheme?Px
  4. Oh blimey!really hope all that can be sort of understood, it doesn't seem to be showing paragraphs and formatting etc!Px
  5. ok so this is the body of the letter to the council so far - ideas, improvement all VERY welcome! With reference to the arrangement I have in place regarding some unpaid PCNs I would firstly like to thank you for your understanding and willingness to arrange a payment schedule so as I can pay these debts. I will make my next payment of £40 on 28th June. With regard to the PCN which has progressed further and is currently with Jacobs bailiffs, I have contacted them to try to arrange a payment schedule and also for a breakdown of their fees (see enclosed copy letter). However I a
  6. I thought perhaps there was a list of charges they can apply for each letter, visit etc to a maximum? If they saw my car on the street the first time they visited but did not clamp it or give me any sort of paperwork does this mean they haven't levied on it? I thought that to levy a vehicle they had to leave paperwork or have I misunderstood?Thanks for the reply... getting more and more upset as time goes along. I'm relieved the others have been put on a payment arrangement so at least I don't have to worry about them. I am drafting an email/letter and will post here when done to see what you
  7. I am going to draft an email to the lady I've dealt with at the council this morning. My son is 10. Can anyone advise of the actual costs I should be being charged on an £82 ticket so I can include this in my email? Should I also copy in Jacobs?Thanks,P x
  8. OMG - how and when will this happen? I really wnat to be able to arrange to clear the amount but their charges and fees are way too much I think (from looking at the fees allowable from other threads etc?) The original PCN was lodged at the TEC for £82 and now we're up to £403.84?! Does anybody know how much technically I should be up to at this point? If I can go to them and the council with a break down of their allowed fees (as compared to their vastly inflated ones) and a payment suggestion will this show willing in terms of showing an intention to try and pay? The other thing t
  9. I will email the lady I've dealt with at the council tomorrow. What do you mean by 'at the moment they cannot break into your property' - can they do this later?? There is nothing outside of any value and the car is elsewhere. I want to resolve the issue but would rather deal with the council direct, not least because the bailiffs have added on over £350 worth of charges. Thanks for all your replies guys, really appreciate it. P x
  10. sorry all, not had chance to get on since last week. I'm wary of rocking the boat with the council in case they retract my payment agreement :S I haven't approached the bailiff yet with a payment proposal as the vast majority of spare money I have available will be going towards the council arrangement to avoid them progressing and things getting (EVEN) worse. The amount I'd be offering they would never accept in a zillion years! The car is coming to work with me daily and is parked elsewhere the rest of the time. Its not worth the total payable either... they'd certainly not get eno
  11. Ok so a mini update: the council have accepted my offer to pay by instalment the 9 tickets not yet with bailiffs instructed and I have made my first payment today to continue monthly until cleared. They have said I'll need to deal with the 10th ticket already with Jacobs separately which I'm not quite sure how to approach.... do I write with an instalment offer or wait for them to return it to the authority and then add this to my arrangement? many thanks all, Px
  12. Incidentally, I have also checked the certificated bailiffs register and this chap's name doesn't appear on it, is that correct? Not heard back from the council as yet. Peaches x
  13. Ok, so we've been out all day from about 10.30am, just got in now. Nothing through the door suggesting they've been... so I'm assuming they haven't? what do you think will happen now? What time can they call until on an evening? Dropped off my letter at the council this morning but am assuming they'll say no
  14. Oh, no. In our area there are these parking disc clocks where you set it to the time you parked and then depending on the specific street/area you get 1, 2 or 3 hours before you need to move your car/update your disc.
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