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  1. is the first post enough to claim the charges back. I have read the post and it doesnt mention anything about getting court costs back as well.
  2. is it just the trinity road address then. Thanks for the info.
  3. I am just starting the moneyclaim and am really stuck. What information do I need to put in and also what contact details to I put in for the Halifax.
  4. Hi guys, 14 days is up now and no response to the LBA. Ready so send the moneyclaim. Filled out all the spreadsheet and have all the amounts to hand. I am after a bit of advice really. I have just checked account have another £30 charges that has been charged last week. I also have 2 charges of £39 going on in the next 7 days. Am I now able to include these in the moneyclaim amount or should I wait for the 2 £39 charges to show on the account.
  5. Been reading the website for a while now. Sending off Moneyclaim on Wednesday against the Halifax. Been with them for over 15 years and getting my own back on them for charging me so much. Claiming back over £1300.
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