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  1. I wonder if somebody could help me. I have a secured loan for £15,000.I am currently paying £35 each month for PPI. I have read the agreement and there is nothing in there with regards to cancelling PPI. Should I just write to them and say I want to cancel it or should I go down the mis-sold route. I did tick the box to say that I wanted it and signed but they said that I would need this with the loan amount being so high.
  2. Sorry not replied for a while but been on holiday and busy at work. I am about to fill the MCOL in and just wanted to clarify that the charges with regards to letters and phone calls are covered by the OFT report for secured loans. I have been reading a few threads but none of them give reference to loans only the PPI charges.
  3. what should i put as my reasons for moneyclaim. They have put that I can take my complaint to the Financial Industry Standards. Might be worth doing this before going down the moneyclaim route. If they cant help then start the moneyclaim.What do you think ???
  4. Sent the letter and have received this reply. You refer to the "unfair terms and and consumer contract regulations" which clearly state a term is only unfair if " contary to the requirement of good faith it causes a significant imbalance in the parties rights and obligations under the contract, to the detriment of consumers" and in addition a standard term must be expressed in plain and intelligible language. This condition does clearly not breach this test. You also mentioned fees of £### that have been levied to your account . These fees were clearly identified on our tariff card an
  5. Cheers Zootscoot for all your help. Sent the letter yesterday will see what the response is from them. Thanks again
  6. cheers zootscoot. What should i include then in my letter back to them then. Obviously from the first letter they are confident that they have done nothing wrong I just need some advice on what to write to counteract this ???
  7. I wonder if anyone could help me. I have written a letter to a Sterling Credit with regards to a secured loan that I did have with them but have paid off in full now. They had charged me £18 for phone calls and also £18 for letters sent to myself. I wrote to them to say that I believe that they were unlawful and tyhat I wished to claim the money back. They have basically replied to say that the changes in legislation and consumer relations only relate to credit cards and not to secured loans. It also says that the legislation is not retrospective therefore, even if it had been included secured
  8. Received reply to LBA today, quite rude I think and its not from Brian Smith. Thanks you for your recent letter, your comments have been noted however I have to advise you we not be reviewing our decision on the basis of your arguement. Your demands are entirely unreasonable since, to pay as you suggest, would imply that your continued breaches of a contract you agreed to, should simply never had attaracted any sanctions whatsoever. As you will understand this would not bea tenable position from which a bank could do business. The OFT report, contrary to popular opition, did not
  9. i have been charged £18 every time they have had to write to me or phone me for late payment.It comes to nearly £300 of charges. am i able to claim this money back ????
  10. anyone any advice please, would be appreciated ???
  11. I have been charged over £250 in charges for phone calls and letters with regards to late repayments. These have been £18 a go for each letter or phone call. I have also had to pay £120 for what they call a legal sealing fee when i paid the loan off early. do you think i am worthy of being able to claim any of this back ?????
  12. Just about to start court action against Citicards just wondered where you were upto with the case ???
  13. anyone offer me some advice ??
  14. I have received over £252 in charges for telephone calls and letters from Sterling Credit when I had a loan with them. The loan was closed and completed in May, do you think its worth sending them a letter as it obviously doesnt cost £18 each time they send a letter or make a phone call. Any advice anyone ???
  15. Just wondering if anybody has recently won against Citicards, not heard many success strories from them recently. Just upto not accepting offer from LBA.
  16. Hi there, Sent LBA last week and received reply today , here is what the letter says :- Dear *********, I act on behalf of Citifinancial Europe Plc and I am writing to you in response to your complaint regarding the default charges applied to your account. The OFT did not say in its statement that all such default charges are unfair; it merely set a recommended threshold of £12 to reflect the balance of information given to it by many of the banks that these charges are based on a number of factors and not just, as is commonly supposed, the price of a stamp
  17. Phone calls !!! I must receive about 5 a day including answer machine messages. I just ignore them now.
  18. Sent initial letter for repayment on Monday and received reply today from Citicards. Basically saying that they will be making no refund and that they have reduced there charges to £12 from the the 28th June but will make no repayment from charges made before that date. Obviously they have replied so I don't have to wait 14 days before sending LBA, do I ????? Can I send the LBA now ???
  19. Received statements today and charges amount to £925. Sending of the letter for repayment of charges on Monday. Some months I have received A charge for late payment and a charge for going over limit. The money will come in handy, have to wait and see.
  20. I have completed moneyclaim and it has now been served to the Halifax. Do I need to send the list of charges or any other information to the Halifax or the courts now.
  21. After some advice. I have just filled in my moneyclaim and completed. I have just checked on Royal mail website and no confirmation of LBA being delivered. Just rang Royal Mail and they said that it seems the letter has been lost. Does this affect my claim in anyway. I have kept the time guidelines at all stages but they have obviously not received and LBA letter.
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