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  1. received a letter this morning from mr higley offering the full amount. hope you get your soon.
  2. sent it to Mr Higley at National Westminster House 225 Shenley road WD6 1TE. Is this o.k?
  3. Hi there thriftyarek v Natwest, Looks like I am at a very similar stage and time as yourself. Sent off my LBA midweek to Borehamwood.Didnt receive any reply to my initial letter for repayment. Did you get any letter back to say they were dealing with your inital letter or not. I will keep you up to date as I am slightly ahead of you as to there responses.
  4. just wondered how you had got on with Black Horse. Did you recieve anything from the Chief Executive ???
  5. yes.good luck bricky. hope you get the result you require. keep us informed.
  6. I was sold the loan and the ppi through loans.co.uk. I believe that at the time i was told that i would have to take out the ppi as the loan amount was quite large and would have to have it as part of the loan. I have read your threads with regards to PPi and i was not given any extra literature with regardes to the ppi. I was just given the loan agreement which i still have. I was not told that this insurance was dealt with some body else and as far as i can see it doesnt state this anywhere in the agreement. I am after my charges back anyway. Theres no leeway with this company even when you
  7. Just had quite a heated discussion with LMC with regards to there charges. I asked for a copy of my statements for my records and they said that that it would be £30. How can they justify that for starters. I will be sending DPA request off with the standard £10.
  8. hi there Lynn, Did you ever receive any charges for late payments. I have received charges on my account and want to get them back. I am still currently with LMC and just wondered what the consequences are of claiming now.??? Keep me posted on the PPI, I want to get my PPi taken off but havent approached them yet. Just waiting to see what happens with your case before going any further.
  9. just ready to write my reply now. As above post is there anything that I should include in the letter except for the usual LBA ????
  10. cheers ozzywizard. Is there anthing that i should put in the letter especially with regards to the OFT or about justifying their charges. Any cases that I should back the claim up with ???
  11. Can anyone help me. I have written to a company with regards to charges I received on a secured loan I have no paid off. I was charged a total of £252 in charges for phone calls and letters that I received. They charged me £18 for both for each letter and phone call. I have sent letter for repayment and have received the following reply :- Clause 7 of the terms and conditions of the agreement clearly states that we will recover from you costs incurred in the administartion of the agreement including communicating with you and collecting any unpaid sums due. Our tariff of charges also clea
  12. have you any advice reidnet, i need to reply to them to say if i agree that that is how much should be knocked off ???
  13. Have you had any joy with regards to getting your charges back ?? Also has anybody had any joy with cancelling PPI with london Mortgage ???
  14. I wonder if anybody has had any action with a company called Sterling Credit. I have had charges put on me for telephone calls and letters which I believe are way over the top with regards to what it costs to carry out those services.
  15. Thanks Reidnet for the reply, 1.As far as i am aware i dont think the amount for the PPI has been added on to the loan. On the loan agreement it shows as £1000 for the loan and charge for credit of £236.24.It then shows all the PPI info sperate which is what I have given in the inital post. 2.The loan is over 18 months. 2. No the ppi is included as part of the £78.46 that i pay every month. If you want me to write everything that is on the agreement to help you then i am more than willing to.Just need the advice which i appreciate.
  16. I wonder if sombody could help me. I have written to Black Horse to cancel my PPI. They have written back to say that they will and that the repayments will change from £78.46 to £72.00. I cant work out where they have got this figure from. THe PPI was to be paid monthly and the figures were as follows. Optional Payment Protection - £142.46 Total charge for credit - £33.58 Interest rate - 2.334% Amount of credit - £142.46 Amount of monthly repayment - £9.78 APR - £31.9% Can anyone give some advice as to whether this figure is right or not ????
  17. how are you getting on with Black Horse just sent a complaint letter and wondered what had happened to you.
  18. thanks for that I will send the SAR request this week. If I ask for the SAR will this give meall the terms and conditions of the PPI or should I also ask for these.As when i settled the my last loan by taking out this new one they obviously paid the outstanding balance including charges then. I have had no breakdown of what was paid just a letter so say the last loan account had been paid and completed.
  19. I have recently taken out another loan with the same company to pay the balance of the last loan with them and also give me some extra cash. I have looked at a statement that i received back in April of last year and it says that I had paid £145 in a Collection Activity Charge. I also believe that I will have received extra charges since then. Obviously thsi loan has been completed so all charges relating to that agreement have been paid. I also believe that I was mis-sold the PPI with the last loan. Having just looked at the loan agreement I have just received for the new loan PPI has been pu
  20. Sorry to bump my own thread but really after some advice on this issue. Anyone able to help??
  21. Hi Nikkiandmidgets, How did you get on with your claim????
  22. Sorry I haveny been in touch for a while but had a family member really ill and not had touch with internet for a good while. I am back now and wish to take the action further. Last time I got to the LBA and took it no further. Am i o.k to start the whole process again??? I also want to claim back for my PPI as I was mis-sold this also. Should I send two seperate letters.One for the bank charges and the other for the PPI or just the one.
  23. Cheers Reidnet. The advice you have given me is very much appreciated. I will write to them today and ask them to provide details with regards to how long the PPI cover is for .I have looked in the terms and it doesnt state any time period. I will get back to you when I get some information back.
  24. Cheers redinet. I would be misleading you if i said that if i didnt have ppi i wouldnt get the loan. They strongly recommended that i should have the PPI as the loan was quite a large amount and was also secured against the house.Be naive i said yes. I have looked at the original agreement and this is what it says:- LPPI loan £2528. 132 instalments of £34.58 APR 12.7%. It then says other financial information and states that the interest will be £2036.56 The LPPI premium is equal to the amount of the LPPI loan Where I have signed it says. I wish to purchase the Single plus
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