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  1. Can anyone help. I purchased my car back in February 2006. At the time I was told that I needed PPi as the car was for a large amount and that it would cover me if there were any problems with work or my health. I do believe that i filled in a questionnaire to say that i didnt have any alternative ppi cover and from that they suggested to PPi protection which i signed for. I felt a bit pressured into it at the time and now know from reading the forus that I dont need it. I have an excellent health PPi through work. I have already paid £17 per month for the PPi so far.The ppi is a monthly payme
  2. I wonder if somebody can help me.I have looked around on the forums and have got a general idea of what I need to write. I have a loan with London Mortgage that was arranged through Loans.co.uk. I was told that PPI was required as the loan was for a large amount and was also secured. From looking through I understand that I need to go for Loans.co.uk I am just really looking for a letter template to write to them. The PPI is a single payment PPI and only covers 5 years so is of no use what so ever. Any ideas anyone would be appreciated ????
  3. the loan was through loans.co.uk. I will write to them today. My only concern is that the ppi is a single premium which only covers me for the first 5 years. if i do get anywhere will they ask me to apply for the loan again without the ppi on ???
  4. Hi Griff, Really interested with regards to where you are upto with this. Could you update us ?????
  5. Cananyone help me. I bought a car last year with capital bank.I was told by the agent that I should take the PPI out as the car was for a large amount and that if i was off work i would need to keep up repayment.I have never received anything with regards to PPI on the loan so was obviously not aware that it could be cancelled within 30 days. This is well over a year ago when i looked at the credit agreement that I noticed that the PPI was attached the car credit. Do you think I have the right to say this was mis-sold. If this was the case what should I do. I have obviously signed for the PP
  6. I just wondered if anyone had been successful in getting there PPI reclaimed from London Mortgage.Been watching a couple of threads but seems that nobody can get to the bottom of who to actually claim the PPI back off. Some say Sterling Insurance, Norton,London Mortgage or even the agent used to get the loan. If anybody has had any joy would appreciate the advice ????
  7. Any news Griff 27. Watching your post with interest.
  8. as far as i am aware it is just the same letters.just change to suit the purpose
  9. just wondered if you had got any where with regards to Capital bank?????
  10. Hi there Stan 5131, I have had exactly the same problem as you with regards to PPI. I had the Demands and needs carried out on me and they answered questions for me with regards to my health without even asking me the question. I queried this with Mr Patel also and he basically said that I had signed the sheet so understood what I was signing for even though I hadnt answered any of the questions personally. I wrote reply to Mr Patel telling him that he had not answered any of my questions as to how the person filling in the Demands and needs knew anything about my previous health. I have
  11. Bach, Have you heard anything from your request to London Mortgage ??? Cheers Nicho1120
  12. I wonder if somebody can give me some advice. I claimed my charges back in August 2006 through MCOL. The charges,court costs and interest were paid into my account and I wrote to the court to say the case was satisfied. I am now after claiming some more charges that are on the same account since the initial claim.Only a small amount but not the point. I have wrote my initial letter and they have replied saying that I accepted full and final settlement of my complaint regarding bank charges when at court. I did not sign anything to say that i accepted this as full and final settlement just as i
  13. Hi there Lynn, Just wondered if you have progressed any further. I have managed to dig out my "Loan Payment Protection Insurance Policy Document" from London Mortgages. It clearly states in there that the insurance is through Sterling. I am also wanting to cancel the policy as firstly they said that I had to take it out as the loan was such a large amount and also that I think the cover only covers you for 5 years. The cancellation policy states - You may cancel your policy for a period of 30 days from the date your policy begins or the date that you receive your policy document. If
  14. Griff 27, Just wondered if you had heard anything yet. I have PPi and am wanting to cancel it and some of the points you have made seem similar to what has happened to me. Would be interested in their response.
  15. Lynn have you seint your letter??? If so have you ahd any reply ???
  16. who do i cancel the policy with though. is it Sterling, London Mortgage or Norton ?????
  17. Bach, I am really intesrested in what you have to say with regards to PPI. I am just about to start to cancel my PPI and dont know where to start. It seems that you have already done quite a lot of prep work already but still not got to the company that actually supplies the insurance. If you find anything else out I am keeping my eye on the thread.
  18. If i write to Sterling , do you think that they will allow me to just cancel the policy from now on ?????
  19. anyone got any advice please ????
  20. The insurance is with an ex football league sponsor E********. The insurance was just automatically started as a renewal from last 12 month insurance period. I have got a letter saying that it does include the PPI and has a very small section about Key facts. It does state that the insurance can be cancelled within 14 days but this doesnt state whether that is just the whole policy or cancelling the PPI. I didnt need the PPI as I was already covered through work. As far as I am aware I didnt sign anything and the renewal quote has just come through the PPI automatically on, i didn't request it
  21. I wonder if anybody can help me. I have car insurance fully comp with 12 monthly installments. I have just noticed that I have also being paying PPI on this policy.It only amounts to £48.73 for the year but thats no the point. I didint require this and have not asked for it. Do you think i should just write to them and ask for a refund and cancel the policy?? I would interested to hear if anybody else has come across this in their policy ???
  22. how did it go last friday bricky ~????
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