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  1. Got a letter back from Loans.co.uk to say that they were the broker in this deal and not the loan provider. I dont undertsand this as the last letter they sent to me they mentioned that they had reviewed telephone conversations were I had completed a demands and needs and had agreed that I needed the PPI. Surely as part of the DPA request they should give me any information that they have on me. They have sent the postal order back and told me to write to London Mortgage. I want the transcripts of the phone calls that they had with me. What should I write back to them and say????
  2. Hi there, I have single premium PPI with my loan from LMC. This was sold through Loans.co.uk and I have already written to them for repayment but they are not budging. Ihave had a look at the FSA website and it lokks they are looking at single premium policies that do not cover the entire life of the loan. As my PPI only covers me for 3 years I think i will go down that route. I have just written to them for all DPA information including all transcripts of telephone conversations. If when i get all this information I will then go to the FSA. Good luck all. Keep me informed.
  3. Can anybody please offer me some advice. I took a loan out last year through Loans.co.uk. I was told when taking out the loan that the ppi would be best for me from the answers that I had given to a demands and needs questionnaire. I do not recall that they told me that it would be a single premium PPI and that this would only last for 3 years. They have written back to me say that it was all discussed in a phone call and also that I received a letter with all the terms and conditions included. I dont recall either. They have said that that is there final decision and if i wish to complain any
  4. do you think it will be best then to write and state the FSA recomendations with regards to refunds???
  5. I wonder if somebody can help me. I am 2 1/2 years into a 5 year car finance agreement with Capital Bank. I signed up to Credit care insurance which is exactly the same as PPI. I was paying £18 per month. I realised that I would be covered by my policy that I have through work so cancelled the policy with Capital Bank.I was a little silly and did ask for the cover. Does anybody know if i would be entitled to any type of refund. They have written back to tell me that the agreement has been cancelled but i am just not sure whether i should get anything back or not. Any advice appreciated
  6. yes i did follow the procedure. the court is oldham and it is a hearing to see if they can set aside the judgement. The judgement was 3 weeks ago. when i rang the leeds head office i spoke to a gentleman who's name i have who said that the cheque was on its way and maybe delayed as at the time there was a postal strike. then i received the court letter a week later. on what grounds can i fight the set aside then ???
  7. Can somebody offer me some advice on what i need to do. Just to give you a bit of history to the case. I started my court case through MCOL and heard nothing from YB. After the alloted time i contacted MCOL to say that i claimed judgement by default. I have received a couple of letters from the solicitors to basically say that due to the OFT case the case will be put on hold. I have now received a letter from the county cort in Oldham to say that the defendant (YB) has applied for a Set Aside Judgement. They have put the reasons for the set aside being - * Judgement came to be enter
  8. Thanks for the advice. I dont think that i could take it down the road of being mis sold. I did sign for it. Who do i write to. Is it the agent / the loan company or the insurance company ????? Also what % of what I have already paid will pay back ??
  9. thing is as far asi am aware i havent received any terms and conditions. I brought this up with the FLA but they have said that it has to go through the companies procedures before going to the FLA to deal with.
  10. anyone able to help me ????
  11. I wonder if anybody could help me. I am currently 24 months into a 10 year secured loan. I am wanting to cancel the PPI on the accout.It is a single premium ppi which only covers me for the first years of the loan. First of all what should i put in the letter ??? Also If Im entitled to a refund what are my rights as to what I should get back?? Also how should I ask for the refund to be paid to me???
  12. I wonder if anybody could help me. I am currently 24 months into a 10 year secured loan. I am wanting to cancel the PPI to reduce payments. I believe that because it is a single premium PPI then I should be entitled to a refund. First of all what should i put in the letter ??? Also If Im entitled to refund what are my rights as to what I should get back?? Also how should I ask for the refund to be paid to me???
  13. Not too bad Lynn. I have witten to Sterling Insurance, Loans.co.uk and London Mortgage. Not really sure if I will receive a repsonse from any of them but worth a try. The loan was only taken last year so they should be covered by the FSA. I will respond if I get a reply from any of them. My obly concern is that is a single premium PPI and from looking it seems that this is the hardest one to claim back.
  14. Anybody help me. I have taken my complaint to the FLA who have forwarded it on to the loan provider.They are basically saying that they have considered the OFT's findings on charges but say they do not accept the principle that its findings apply to this type of account an are un willing to pay up. Just writing a reply, what should I put in the letter ?????
  15. Looked at the FSA's comments recently on single payment PPI. Looks like the consumer may have more of a stance on this rip off PPI. I am going to write with what the FSA has said and see how they reply.
  16. GRIFF27, Have you taken any further steps with regards to your claim I am going to send my letter off to the agent next week. See how i go on. Might have a better chance as they have already been fined for misselling PPI.
  17. Any luck Bach, I dont think that I have seen anyone yet who has won against a single premium ppi, i might be wrong. have you had any luck with either london mortgage or sterling insurance????
  18. It was very much suggested.In otherwords the gentleman was saying that I really should take take this out as the car was such a large amount. I felt from what the gentleman was saying that I really didnt have an alternative.
  19. I was told that I would have to have the PPI as it was quite a large amount. It was made out to me as though this was part of the deal. Also I have never received any correspondence with regards to the ppi. I never got anything with regards to the terms and conditions of the PPI. Surely i should receive this ????
  20. Cheers Nathal, What about claiming the money back that I have already paid ???
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