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  1. I wonder if somebody can help me. I purchased a car on finance through Capital bank. I am 3 years into the repayments. I have had a couple of difficulties along the way with keeping up with the repayments. I have received charges some month of over £50. Do you think that I have a case for claiming back the charges. ????

  2. i am in a similar situation to yourself. I wrote to sterling to ask them to cancel the single premium policy that was taken out with my initial loan. they sent me a cheque for 40% of the single premium. I wrote a letter to them to ask how they had arrived at the figure and they sent me a breakdown of what costs were incurred e.t.c. I don't believe that 40 % is a fair amount considering that I will be paying this ppi for the duration of the loan with interest added. I am not sure really what to do now. I have written to the broker that set the loan up and asked for DPA. I don't believe that i was told that the ppi only covered me for 3 years. Not received the info yet and the 40 days are near. Will get back to you when i have more info

  3. Can anybody please help me. I recently purchased a fridge/freezer for my mother from Currys. I paid for the item on my debit card and as far as that was concerned that was the end of the transaction. Since then I have had 3 payments taken via direct debit for £1.99 per month for there coverplan scheme. I have not agreed to this and have not signed anything to say that I would like it. Now at the end of the day it is only £1.99 but that isnt the point. My problem is that they have taken the coverplan scheme without me authorising the payments. What should be my next step. I have spoke to the bank and they have said they only keep direct debit request for 30 days and that has now passed. What should I write to Currys.Should I first ask for a copy of the agreement for the coverpaln or what.


    I an fuming and would really appreciate some advice on my next step

  4. What are the dates involved here? When did they issue the summons, when did you send the CCA request and when was the judgement date? Did you send a response to the court when the claim arrived? And how much is the debt?


    Sorry for all the questions, but hopefully we can help.


    I didnt receive any court papers whatsoever. They have said that the judgement was entered on the 31st October 2007. I didnt obviously reply as I didnt get anything to reply to. I sent the CCA request on the 6th November 2007 and didn't hear a thing from them.The debt is for £600 but I have calculated that with the statements that they have sent (quite a few missing) I have penalty charges of £210.

  5. Can somebody help me. I missed payments on my Debenhams card who then sold the debt onto CL Finance. I have made a couple of payments to them but was a little hit and miss (my fault) with payments. Tehy have no passed tis onto Howard Cohen solicitors who have took this to court for judgement. At this point I have written to CL Finance to request my CCA. I wrote this recorded delivery and have proof of delivery. I gave them the full course to give me this information but with no reply. I then got a letter from the solicitors to say that i needed to make a payment on the account. I wrote back to say that with no CCA i was not willing to pay and that CL Finance had failed to supply this within the time limits. I have no received a letter from the solictors.


    They say that their client has not received the request and would like proof of the letter for the CCA being delivered. They say that judgement was entered before the request for the CCA was made. They say since judgement was entered it has not yet been enforced and are awaiting income and expenditure details. They then go on to say that that they have got in contact with GE Money and have included the credit agreement and statements.


    They obvoiusly want me to make payments. I have charges on the account that I want to claim back and also CL Finance failed to supply the documents within the time restraints.


    What should I do ?????

  6. Just received my SAR from GE Money. About to write my first letter asking for my charges back. Firstly I have only received some of the statements and am missing a large chunck of them, what should i do about that. Do I assume I was charged in those months as well or just claim for the statements I do have?


    Also I havent seen many recent sucesses against GE money, has there been any and is it staright forward with them or do they go all the way to court??


    Any info appreciated.

  7. Hi notty I read your thread with interest. I currently have loan with LMC. The ppi amount was £2528 with interest on the term of the loan at £2036. I am 2 years into the 10 year loan. I have wrote to Sterling to cancel the ppi. They have written back to say that the insurance is now cancelled and have sent a cheque for £755. They dont state anything in there terms with regards to what % will be given back as a refund. Do you think this is a fair amount. They have not reduced the loan repayments in anyway. What do you think ???

  8. I wonder if anybody can help. I am 2 years into a 10 year loan with London Mortgage company. I got the loan through Loans.co.uk and am currently waiting for my SAR information with regards to mis selling. The loan was for £15,000 and had a single premium PPi. The ppi was for £2528 and interest of £2036. I have written to Sterling insurance with who the PPI is with and asked for the ppi to be cancelled. They have written back to say that the insurance is now cancelled and have included a cheque for £756. Therefore they have given me a refund of 29.9% of the total premium without interest.


    Firstly can anybody tell me whether this is a fair refund % or should I be expecting more. Also in the letter that came with the refund they have mentioned nothing about the workings out of the refund or the interest amount. Once I have the SAR information i will go after Loans.co.uk but was just wondering what to do about this refund amount.


    Any help much appreciated

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