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  1. Mine was sold to Acenden. What de we have to do to see if we have charges to claim back ?? I haven't received a letter.
  2. received list of charges which are mostly £25 charges for letters sent. what should i send them now ???
  3. any chance you could me an idea of the letters that you sent
  4. when did you re-claim your charges?? i still have 1 1/2 years left to pay.
  5. cheers for that guys. Jake44 was you charges through Capital bank. Also I am still making repayments to Capital bank so dont want them to start being funny.
  6. I wonder if somebody can help me. I purchased a car on finance through Capital bank. I am 3 years into the repayments. I have had a couple of difficulties along the way with keeping up with the repayments. I have received charges some month of over £50. Do you think that I have a case for claiming back the charges. ????
  7. i am currently with Birmingham Midshires. I have received very similar charges to yourself. They calculate to about £550. I have a few concerns with claiming from my mortgage supplier. Will they close the account if it goes into arrears and what is the worst they can do ????
  8. Sorry Tonycee. Meant to ask how Libra007 was going on. Apoligises for that.
  9. whats the implications of still being with them and claiming? Are they likely to be funny again if you ever fall into arrears. Any news anyway Tonycee ???
  10. shouldnt you be sending the SAR to your broker then ???
  11. sterling gave me a breakdown on how they had arrived to the 40% figure. I am not sure whether it is worth going to the fos and complaining about the amount received.
  12. it was stated on the original agreement from london mortgage
  13. i am in a similar situation to yourself. I wrote to sterling to ask them to cancel the single premium policy that was taken out with my initial loan. they sent me a cheque for 40% of the single premium. I wrote a letter to them to ask how they had arrived at the figure and they sent me a breakdown of what costs were incurred e.t.c. I don't believe that 40 % is a fair amount considering that I will be paying this ppi for the duration of the loan with interest added. I am not sure really what to do now. I have written to the broker that set the loan up and asked for DPA. I don't believe that i w
  14. Can anybody please help me. I recently purchased a fridge/freezer for my mother from Currys. I paid for the item on my debit card and as far as that was concerned that was the end of the transaction. Since then I have had 3 payments taken via direct debit for £1.99 per month for there coverplan scheme. I have not agreed to this and have not signed anything to say that I would like it. Now at the end of the day it is only £1.99 but that isnt the point. My problem is that they have taken the coverplan scheme without me authorising the payments. What should be my next step. I have spoke to the ba
  15. I sent the CCA request as I had CL finance constantly on my back to pay the whole amount back. I wanted to see if they had the credit agreement. I didnt move address at all.
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