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  1. May 4th i purchased insurance from this company via Go Compare, they were by far the cheapest option available (almost too good to be true!!) I took out the policy and heard nothing after paying the £78 deposit online to the company. About a week and a half later they had been trying to call me on my land line as the policy wasn't quite right (apparently) and they were looking for an additional deposit of £30 on top of the £78 already paid over a week before. When i called them after getting the letter stating they would cancel my policy if i did not call them as they required more information ? YEAH, they meant money !! NEVER on this call did the agent mention that there new policy and new rules applied from the government / insurance legislation on the 1st April 2013 now meant they would require the following or would cancel my new policy and charge me for the pleasure of it* * 1. Copy of NCD documents 2. Copy of Driving Licence and Paper part for ALL named drivers and policy holder I called them about this as i do not have this neither did my partner, unfortunately we lost these during our last home move. DVLA are asking for £20 for each replacement document and we would have to send our licences back. Taking up to 2 weeks to received them back. Meaning we would miss the cut off they had implemented for this information to be received. I immediately asked for a refund and to cancel my policy with them after being miss-sold this insurance under false pretenses and false claims on the costing of it.. At this point they refused completely flat out to help me gave a million excuses about the rules etc. Over 14 days, now 3 weeks into the policy and i had been using it Customer service here is NONE EXISTENT , even the manager whom i spoke with over the phone was speaking over me and wouldn't let me talk. I asked again to cancel and was told NO refund would be given and i would have to pay the cancellation charge but they couldn't tell me what this would be while on the phone . I argued that the policy should be canceled due to miss-selling and not informing me about these rules while in my 14 day cancellation period, which is very sneaky of the company, considering this was a must to have the policy, shouldn't they be advising EVERYONE of this FIRST ?? . (tell tale signs of cowboy company's selling insurance and trying to ROB / STEAL from there potential customers. Apparently i had been emailed by documents on the 7th of may telling me this - Dont know where they sent them too, wasn't me clearly or i would have know this condition ? And instantly canceled and moved on. I proceeded to end the call as i was getting no-where and his rudeness was attitude overwhelming me. First i demanded that all emails apparently sent shroud be resent to me this time so i could see the information about my invisible policy which i had heard nothing about until now. Received the emails i asked for very quickly and the original emails that were sent to me with my policy information ? Which they could not forward showing the original date sent out. In the end i sent a very long email to the manager about all this going on, he instantly canceled and refunded some of my policy payment. Amazing what 1 email can do to help, as talking cannot be checked or proved, emails can be, ALWAYS email to to back up what you have said and what has happened. I have attached the email sent and received from this so called Manager @ Bedford insurance. In the hope this will help someone else fight there rights with this horrible company.
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