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  1. Hi Thank you for all your advise, the case has been resolved. The car is safe and i hope it stay safe. Thanks
  2. Hi My neighbor is a community nurse, she is been threatened by bailiffs. They said they are going to take her car which she is using for work as a community nurse because of an old council tax arrears. Are they allow to take her car? The car is on finance too.
  3. yea.....am sure, that is why i want them to provide evidence of the account. Is there any letter i can write to them because they have not respond to my SAR.
  4. Date of default is 09/01/2012
  5. yea..it is on my CRA file. What do i do if they not reply to my SAR
  6. I meant SAR. Sorry about the mix up. They are still chasing me for the overdraft i never had, now debt collectors are writing to me too. I have not heard back from Lloyds. what do i do next? I just want to know if this overdraft is existing. if i have spent . i think i should remember.
  7. Hi I have cca lloyds about an overdraft they claimed i had which i never had from them. It is over forty days now and no statement. They replied that they see the request but am yet to see any document from them. what do i do next pls?
  8. Hi A friend is having a big problem with her card processing company. She runs a small pre owned business selling computers,power tools, guitar e.t.c and she sometimes takes these product from customer to sell on their behalf. She sold studio equipment recently for over £10,000. She called the card company and gave the card details and address of the cardholder while the customer is in the store. The card company was happy for her to progress with the transaction and was given a authorization code. The following day she had a call from the card processing company fraud department sayin
  9. Hi I am sending SAR to Lloyds this morning. How do i send the ten pounds fee? can i send cheque or is it bank draft? Thanks
  10. Hi again, What is the address to send SAR to Lloyds, Barclays and NEXT online. thank you
  11. OK...thank you. I had the account years ago and i forgot to close it. I have not use it for years.
  12. Thank you for your advise. Am going to request for a bank statement.
  13. I have called the bank and told them i never requested for an overdraft and i didn't know it existed until i check my credit file. They didnt want to help and am getting all these letters, the last one i got was from Credit Security Limited demanding payment now. I am worried they might come and take my car which i use for my work.
  14. Hi I have been getting threatening letter from Lloyds bank for an overdraft i didn't take or request. I have tried to talk to them but they don't want to listen. Am so worried because this is affecting my credit file. I am worried i might be a victim of some fraudulent activities because i have been getting the same letter from Next. What do i do? I have been reading through the forum, do i send a SAR or CCA. What is the difference and importance of the SAR and CCA. Am sorry if this is a silly question but i have read through the forum but i cant understand all these terms.
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