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  1. Hi Thanks for your response its really useful to hear someones take on it. I spoke wiht my local MP secretary today and basically tehy wont get involved, but gave me some good advice as to when it gets to court. The case is going to the Ombudsman as you say not entirely sure what will come of that but im all for trying everything now its come this far. The IVA has been maintained yes so far but in my last response from FP they mentiioned that i was paying the IVA, so had to take their point and will now see if i can maybe put it on hold pending all this. Im not sure w
  2. Hi Many thanks for responding and apologies for late response, i didnt realise someone had responded. The position now is that ive done absolutely everything to try adn get Firstplus to overturn their decision, every step of the way they havent looked at the big picture and taken snippets from everywhere instead of looking at all the facts and ultimately decisions ahve been made on false figures, false information etc etc. I have even written to Commercial Director and thats got declined also on affordability, the financial statements were produced by Shelter and are a true refl
  3. Hi Thanks can you recommend which forum Its best placed? Thanks
  4. Hi Thanks can you recommend which forum Its best placed? Thanks
  5. Hi Not entirely sure if this is the correct forum for this type of post however, any advice would be greatfully received. I am currently in an interlocking IVA with ex hubby, in joint property with 2 children with morg and secured loan. House worth 100k approx, first charge owed 94k second 50k so as u can see major neg equity, loan was given in 2005 when they were giving 120% ltv. Meantime husband left me with 2 children and cannot pay both liabilities and neither can he as he is now paying for rented flat. Went to shelter for advice they recommended MRS, first charge agree
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