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  1. Again thank you for making this crystal clear. For anyone else that stumbles across this information with a similar situation, I have just had the information provided by unclebulgaria86 confirmed by the 'Financial Ombudsman Service.' Apparently life insurance is treated as a very different entity from other forms of general insurance. If you are looking for say house insurance and have only ever been rejected for life insurance then it is not necessary to declare this to the insurance company. Again thank you unclebulgaria86 for your clear accurate advice. Cheers
  2. Thats makes me feel a bit better to be honest. Was thinking i would never get insurance again and would be struggling to travel etc... Looks to me that the terminology need tightening up really to avoid this type of confusion. Thanks for your advice.
  3. Thanks for this information. Its really hard to find information about this to inform a correct understanding. Is there anywhere this is all written down?
  4. Thanks for the reply. With regards to thw home insurance. I was looking last night and it asked have i ever been rejceted, and as soon as I said yes it said it could not offer me the insurance. Seems like a crazy system to me.
  5. Hi, First post here so hope it all makes sense. As the title suggests I have (at the beginning of the year) been rejected for life insurance policy. Without boring you all with the details, I applied and answered all the questions honestly including answering that i had had some numbness/cramping in my legs at that point. The application was referred and I received a letter from the underwriter asking about any investigations/diagnosis I had had into this. I replied that I was seeing a Chiropractor who believed it was nothing more than postural and with some treatment I had indeed seen an improvement. I then received a letter stating that the company were unable to insure me due to an undiagnosed medical condition. At this point i visited my doctor and was sent for some tests which let to me being diagnosed with a vitamin/mineral deficiency and given high strength vits by way of treatment. So to the questions. 1) Do i have to tell future life insurers about this refusal as I seem to find conflicting information on whether in constitutes a refusal or not. 2) If i want to buy say home insurance do i have to declare it here as well? 3) Should i go back to the original insurer and get it sorted there. Hope that makes sense, I am needing to get life insurance sorted soon as I am buying a house but i am scared that i will never be able to get it even though i am medically fit and well. Help. Cheers Morn
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