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  1. \ Brillaint - again thanks for your useful information! 1) It was an unverified PayPal account which and personal. 2) Nope nothing on their website either the order confimration only contained an email and their address nothing about a buisness. Do you recconemnd taking the case again the name of their unregistered company - The Merch Factory? EDIT - Unfortunately with PayPal I elft it too later as it's more than 45 days old.
  2. Thanks for your fast reply. One more thing if you don't mind - I payed via PayPal to the guys wife's account which he told me to do. It's not related to the business can I issue it against her? Also he just text me saying they trade under a limited company. I had no idea, nothing is on their website about this, no leaflets or invoices stating this. Since looking it up it says you need to state clearly that you trade as a company on all documents. This was not done and I have never seen or heard of this before.
  3. Hi I'm in a sticky situation here. Basically I was sold some t-shirts of a low standard, I sent them back and he said he'd refund me - it's been 3 months of constant lies and rubbish an no refund. I want to issue a CCJ (County court judgement). The only thing is, everything has been done via FaceBook messages with the company page - they're not a registered company LTD, although they do refer to themselves as a company, they havea trading adress but no where on their website or invoices have they said they're apart of any group or trading as a company. Shall I issue the CCJ against
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