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  1. Hi all, i finally recieved my statements today, well dating back to nov 2003. The halifax had gone past the 40 day deadline,so i sent the follow up letter giving them 7 days to comply etc. That must have shook them a bit, as they sent half the statements requested immediately by special mail. I have totalled up the charges, which amount to £5048 since nov 2003, (no wonder i am finding it hard to get back on my feet). I need some advice on what to do next, do i send my lba requesting this amount, accompanied by another 7 day deadline to send me the rest of my statements, which im sure will total about the same?. I was thinking about asking them to refund this amount within seven days and i would forget the rest, and if no refund then i must have remaining statements within given time. I know its my money, and i deserve it all back, but to me £5048 is a lot of cash, and a quick end to all my problems. Do you think they would go for this as full settlement? Many thanks, and a good donation on way. thanks Robert
  2. Hi folks, sorry i havent posted anything for a while, its because theres nothing to post. I received the standard letter from halifax regarding my statements on the 18th july, telling me they have been ordered and will arrive under seperate cover. They have until 11th august to forward them to me and then their time is up. Should i wait until 11th, when the 40 days are up, or should i chase it up now?. I received last months statement yesterday, and surprise surprise, another £470 in charges. I have had my car insurance cancelled, my personal loan company have suspended my direct debit, and all because, each time i put money in, or leave my wages in to cover these direct debits, those xxxxxx b*****ds have swallowed it up in charges. It's been a vicious circle like this for way too long, most weeks i am working just to be able to withdraw about £20 pounds of my hard earned cash. I don't care what it takes, or how much it costs, is there anyone out there who knows how i would go about taking them to court for the lot ( must be at least £15,000), as i am in scotland and i really don't want to have to make claims of £750 at a time as it would take forever. All help greatly appreciated, and a hefty donation being made if and when i eventually recover some of this cash. Thanks a million Robert Moderated - please refrain from potentially libelous comments.
  3. Hello again, finally got a response today from the halifax. Just the usual standard letter saying thanks for your request for details of charges, these will be sent under seperate cover, and the usual about the manual intervention thing. Cant wait to see how much they've taken in last six years, must be a fortune. Gonna stick with it til i get every penny back, and actually feel like im getting somewhere now. Thanks a lot, i will keep you updated, and a fair donation will be coming your way when all this is over. Thanks Robert
  4. Thanks strude, sorry for late reply. This is first time i've been online since weekend, still no letter of reply about my data protection letter, but my boss said i had a call from someone at the halifax on tuesday 11th july. Havent heard anything else,so just a matter of sitting tight and waiting i guess. THANKS ROBERT
  5. Hi everyone, i have read your posts with great interest and have finally plucked up the courage to do something about the ridiculous amount of money the halifax have been taking from me. My most recent statement had eleven charges on it, totalling £550, some of these were for three charges per day. This has been going on for some time now and i am finding it impossible to get back on my feet while the halifax are taking almost half my earnings each month. I sent my data protection letter on monday 3rd july along with £10 fee and mailed by recorded delivery. I know it will be a long slog, and it does scare me a bit, but i am determined to recover some, if not all the money they have robbed from me. I'd appreciate any help at the various stages of my claim. WISH ME LUCK!!! THANK YOU ROBERT
  6. Hi everyone, after reading the posts on here i have finally plucked up courage to try and get back the ridiculous charges the halifax have taken from me in the last three years. For example my latest statement shows £550 taken for eleven automated letters, almost half my earnings, and this has gone on way too long. On monday 3rd july i sent my data protection letter along with £10 fee by recorded delivery. I know it will be a long slog and i am a bit scared but i am determined to recover a good amount if not all of it. WISH ME LUCK !!!! THANKS ROBERT
  7. Hi everyone, i am also on a mission to recover charges from the halifax. I have been getting regular unfair charges for about three years, these range from £28 for unauthorised overdraft to £39 for unpaid dd, up to three charges per day. I have just recieved my monthly statement, and totalled up eleven charges to £550 for one month. This is a regular occurence, which makes life a real struggle, as i simply can't afford to have almost half my earnings taken from me every month. I have come to the end of my tether with this, and finally plucked up the courage to send my data protection letter, accompanied by the £10 fee, and posted by recorded delivery. I really hope to recover , if not all, then at least a considerable amount in order to get back on my feet. I would appreciate any help along the way, and will be making a donation. WISH ME LUCK!!!!! THANK YOU ALL ROBERT
  8. Hi, everyone. I have been reading all the threads in here for a couple of weeks now, and i've been desperate to do something about the shocking charges being given to me on a way too regular basis by the halifax. I was always in charge of my finances til about three years ago whan i was forced to take time off work due to bereavement. For a couple of weeks i had very little money going into my account, so was getting hit with charges for unpaid direct debits left, right and centre!!. This has escalated through time, THE HALIFAX HAVE BEEN TAKING £39 A TIME FOR UNPAID DD, AT UP TO THREE PER DAY!!!. I have tried to recover on my own but they are taking at least half of my earninga every month. On a couple of occasions they have charged £39 for not paying an overdraft insurance protection provided by themselves. This is 78p per month, i mean how can they justify charging £39 for 78p. I have just recieved my monthly statement and totalled up the charges. This amounted to £550 for one month!!!!!. So i have been charged £550 for having ELEVEN automated letters sent to me, i dread to think what they have taken from me in the last three years. Anyway, i have finally had enough, and have plucked up the courage and sent off my data protection letter today along with the £10 fee. I am determined to get back at least some of the hard earned cash which the halifax have "ROBBED " from me, and hope with a bit of help from here that i can achieve it. WISH ME LUCK!!! THANKS TO YOU ALL. ROBERT
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