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  1. Fantastic. Thanks for that. Will be sending it recorded delivery next post! Martin.
  2. I called the finance company - First Response Finance, who after hearing why I wish to VT the agreement sounded awfully reasonable. The car must not have any major faults or have serious cosmetic issues. It seems there is no shortfall liability on the balance of the agreement. But I have to pay a fee of £149 to cover their initial insurance costs on me. With 11 months to run on the agreement they want that paid before I can VT the car. Once the agreement is VT'd they will arrange someone to call me to arrange collection. Is this insurance real or just a scheme?
  3. Hi, this is a bit unusual I think. I bought a Zafira for £3000 on finance from first response finance 2 years ago. I was also sold gap insurance and a service agreement. I have never missed a payment and I get statements from the finance company to show this. I have made approximately 47 payments of £153. I am disabled and was awarded the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance which I'm currently using to pay for the car. However, my disability is making this manual transmission car increasingly more difficult to use and I am thinking of applying for a Motability car with aut
  4. Checked boiler stat, it was at 65 and i've dropped it down to 55. I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm going to take daily readings from the meter and keep a diary of what I use during the day. I've turned the heating off entirely and set the hot water for just two hours a day. If the sun appears for a decent amount of time it won't be quite as chilly in the house. We can hit the 1 hour override button if necessary and make a note of it. We've applied for a Charis Grant, this might help. We will look at BG tariffs as well. But to me there is something fundamental wrong to use so muc
  5. Thanks for the comments so far... Spoke to British Gas today, something about 4.2 units a day average, said our bill was high (but not massively apparently) and offered us a meter accuracy check that if it found nothing wrong would cost us over £700. Our quaterly bill for Nov 2012 to Feb 2013 was for £682.56 using 14666.59 kWh of gas. That is £56.88 per week or £227 a month just for gas!! The most recent bill is for £542.94 using 11349.57 kWh of gas. That is £38.78 per week or around £170 a month. This seems exceptionally expensive for a 3 bed semi. I've checked the serial number on
  6. My gas bills have become outrageous. We have a 3 bedroom semi and it's just two adults, a small child and a baby living here. We get our gas from British Gas. On the 6th of Feb this year we got a quarterly bill for £682.56. On the 11th of May they estimated another £540.28. I checked the meter today (26th of May) and their estimate for 11th May was high, but now two weeks later it is pretty close. Our usage is (in Kwh): Jul - Sep1352.28 [2012]Oct - Dec9651.26 [2012]Jan - Mar13994.18 [2013]Apr - Jun4642.55 [2013] As we pay £100 per month direct debit for gas we are now £1200 in d
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