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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies Conniff ... I did all the research of the company before I took up the complaint with Trading Standards, even the British Virgin Islands Telephone number is a non answerable one. DX100UK ... Many thanks for the advice, the recurring transactions have now been stopped albeit by telling the bank that the cards were stolen. Made a formal complaint to the bank concerning their refusal of a chargeback However, every email that they reply to (100% certain that it is automated) state "This has now been resolved" Now considering getting the police in
  2. Hi I thought I would let the people out there know about a website called wippy.com This website is an auction site similar to Ebay where you bid for items you wish to purchase. When you first open the page it states (or stated) "Free Bids" but you have to register to be able to use this site and before you complete registration you have to scroll down and tick the agreement box. Unless you scroll down you cannot tick the box and you cannot tick the box if you scroll through the T&C's too quickly. However with my free bids I bid for a green/yellow 4Gb iPod which, according t
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