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  1. Please can someone answer my specific point (in my original post) which is "should I write to the Legalcare's debt collection solicitors" ?
  2. Can someone please answer my specific question - and not get bogged down on what was / wasn't on the webpage - it's a STING site and it has STUNG a LOT of people.......
  3. Yes, very good..... Their FAQs have now been significantly enhanced to include heaps of information about how to cancel your free trial - this was not there beforehand.
  4. Like a lot of people have experienced the sharp end of Legalcare.co.uk free-trial, I too have been a victim of their dodgy website practices (very basically, I googled "free legal advice" and LegalCare came up, their website said 14-day free trial), which I trialled and didn't like, so I cancelled the only way I could see how DURING the free trial, by cancelling my paypal subscription. A lot of people, like me, found out that cancelling this way isn't accepted by Legalcare - Legalcare want you to cancel in a specific way (which they made very hidden and uneasy to work out how to do - hence why a lot of us have fallen victim after our free-trial ended). What is surprising about Legalcare is they are far more keen and VERY quick to send you threatening emails and Solicitor threats of taking you to the Small Claims Courts if you don't pay them their full-year's subscription, than they are about Customer Service and getting their website to be very clear about how to cancel (though they have since made some improvements to their site). That's the background - but here is my question. I have twice spoken to Legalcare's debt collection solicitors (GPB Solicitors) and have told them that I have done nothing wrong and that I never used the services of LegalCare outside of the free trial and that no one can force me to be a customer of their's when I've explicitly told them I do not wish to be.... .... and twice they've asked me to write in outlining my story and they will 'review the case'. At first I was happy to do this, but now I am having serious doubts about writing to a debt collection firm of solicitors who are considering taking me to the Small Claims Courts - not because I have done anything wrong, but because I fear they may use what I write against me in a Small Claims Courts. Obviously I am not a solicitor myself so I feel that anything I put in writing to them, a firm of solicitors, would need to be written by a solicitor (to protect me) ! What advice could anyone give me about LegalCare and how to handle this ? PS - I am aware of the other threads on this website regarding Legalcare and their 'sting in the tail'..... Many thanks.
  5. This message was posted on here by **** and then deleted for some reason - here is what that person posted on here earlier (at 0959, 29.06.13). To me it reads as someone who is disgruntled by LegalCare's treatment of their MLM associates ! *_WHY YOU SHOULD NOT JOIN LEGALCARE_* I JOINED AT THE START MY WEB SITE WAS NOT READY, I LOST A MONTH OF POSSIBLE INCOME. I WAS PROMISED LEADS I GOT ONE I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET A MONTHLY UPDATE FROM MY INTRODUCER IT NEVER HAPPENED AND HE WAS “ONLY ATHE END OF THE PHONE” WHEN I HAVE PHONED HIM HE'S EITHER BEEN ILL OR BUSY WITH SOMETHING ELSE. I had the same threatening letters I went to the C.A.B who put me in touch with a solicitor who gave 1 hour free and after he wrote to them they backed down.
  6. @Danie1le, Yes, and in that video I like the way he mentions how you must leave your postcode and telephone number !!! (in case the Solicitors need to contact you!!) Yes, we all know REALLY why they want that information
  7. @Dani1le, You can also mention YouTube videos like this one, created by LegalCare - promoting 14days free trial and CLEARLY stating that "After the 14 days you can just leave" - SO SIMPLE ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DusFTw6089I This whole video makes it seem as though trying out the 14day free trial is very easy, effortless and painless if you no longer wish to use it. So WATCH, LISTEN and RELAX !! He states VERY clearly that after the 14days if you don't want the service "Your subscription will end and THAT WILL BE THE END OF IT" There are other things within this VIDEO that makes it very good evidence. Let's see how long it lasts on YouTube before LegalCare pull it down or re-write it - never mind, I've already downloaded it and taken screen shots of that webpage
  8. Yeah, Great society we live in - LegalCare trying to put fear into people.
  9. I too am prepared to go to court over this - and in the meantime, I'm also happy to expose this company via forums like this. After all, we're all simply telling the world about our experiences with Legalcare's website. LegalCare obviously don't 'care' about much (hence Paul Careless's surname !), and particularly Legalcare don't seem to 'care' either about their customer relations OR about the bad reputation LegalCare are developing via websites such as this and David's blog about LegalCare's sharp practices against unsuspecting visitor's to their site. So let them take you to court and take along all the evidence you can accumulate, including this forum thread, print off David's blog, highlight from these the similarities between your experiences and the other's that you've found on the Internet and even *IF* LegalCare still win (which I VERY much doubt they will) - simply refuse to pay. My life isn't going to be dictated to me by a bunch of *****- and I will fight that, I can assure you. I know the difference between right and wrong and it seems LegalCare need to learn that. PS - Write to LegalCare and tell them if they don't stop harrassing you you'll submit a counterclaim against them ?
  10. Hi Danielle, "While Legal Care are free to make changes to their website and terms and conditions as they wish, these changes simply highlight the fact that their terms and conditions were not as clear as they suggest, especially following my complaints stating as such." That is a FANTASTIC piece of commentary - you are so right. If LegalCare's T&Cs are so easy and perfect to understand (which they are not), then they would be no reason for them to keep changing them. The fact that they have been amending/improving their t&cs highlights that Legalcare Terms and Conditions weren't clear and were misleading. I too am aware that within their site their Terms and Conditions are different versions depending on where you are in the process - i.e. being a site visitor or a Legalcare customer. And I don't believe in coincidences, but the CEO's surname is Careless, that kind of tells me a lot about LegalCare !
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