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  1. Hi I've been at work and only just read your message I've sent you a email. Hope to get a reply that helps me the customer who was the non fault party. The reason we customers take insurance is to protect us should we be involved in accidents etc. I look forward to your reply.
  2. No stupidly i didn't get the report but after having the car checked there was no issues regards safety ect. The car is sound so the best solution i can see would be to buy the car back. The report that the engineer as done stated that the car was in a good condition even though it as been a previous cat d. With approx £600 left from the pay out i am not going to be able to get anything near to what i had even on a cat d. So frustrated that through a accident that wasn't my fault i am been penalised.
  3. I'm so frustrated and angry with Hastings Direct i imagine their profits are through the roof with the way that they use customers for their gain. ( i realise they are a business but every part of the policy they use against customers whether its a non fault/fault claim) I was bumped in the rear of my car and the 3rd party insurance excepted the liability. the 3rd party asked to process the claim but after speaking with Hastings i was advised it would be in my best interest to stay with them. I reported to my insurance the accident and was advised that they would move the claim over to Albany assistance who would come look at my car and get the repairs under way (not having to pay my excess) on the understanding that when the car went in for repairs id have to take a hire car. eventually Albany advised the car was a total loss and i was told the claim would now go back to Hastings direct. after 2 days i was advised that as my car was a previous cat d it would be worth £1075 (looking around at trade cat d more like £1400 to £1500) but to be deducted from the amount would be the remaining years insurance (which i pay monthly) £450. I was absolutely distraught but after speaking with a friend felt much better has she had just been through a similar situation and bought her total loss car back for a small fee. So again spoke to Hastings to discover THEY DON'T DO THAT!! After 10 minutes research i come across stories of Hastings customers that have actually been allowed to buy back their total loss cars. Any help are advise would be welcomed i am so frustrated that a non fault situation can cause so much STRESS and EXPENSE Thank You
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