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  1. Update for you. He went to magistrates court today. They read out the alleged offence, he said can I have more information as I have no knowledge of this prior to receiving a note from the warrant officer last week. Magistrate explained what the fine was for and the associated costs, asked him if he had received any documentation. He said no, sold car, sent paperwork off, moved house, nothing else heard until last week. Magistrate said "ah we need to prepare a stat dec then, we will call you back in about 10 minutes to sign it" He was called back in, signed document,
  2. Just to update - the warrant officer is arranging for my friend to go to magistrates next week to explain the circumstances as the fine was issued at the old address in 2010. He offered this option when my friend said how long ago he moved from that address. Hopefully he will only end up paying the original fine (even though we sent DVLA paperwork off, but you live and learn - recorded delivery and keep evidence!)
  3. Thanks for the quick reply A dealer came and bought the car. If my memory is correct, he completed a yellow section and gave me that back and he took the rest of the V5 with him. It was that small yellow section that I posted to DVLA. The car was sold via e-bay so I have told my friend he needs to dig through his account and find the details of who he sold it to, but even that doesn't help to show the paperwork went to DVLA. He is under no illusions about paying the fine. If the warrant officer has power of arrest should my friend ask for the full details, pay up in full and then loo
  4. Good afternoon I was advised to come here from moneysaving expert as I have a query regarding a warrant for an unpaid fine. I was hoping you can advise on the following: Yesterday evening my friend found a note in his letterbox from Her Majesteys Court Service. It said You have received a visit from warrant officer xxx & xxx. Message: "Arrest warrant for unpaid fine" Call 077xxxxxxxxx In a bit of a panicked state he called the police station who said there was no warrant for his arrest and that it sounded like a civil matter with a bailiff. He is unaware of a
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