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  1. Thanks. I was already aware of the points you have made. And besides, how do you define 'damage'. I could go up in line with my fence and carry out some 'sympathetic pruning' on everything off which is overhanging (being careful to give them to him). My issue is that he has come along and grown a tree which is now a problem to an activity I have carried out in the same place and long before the tree was planted. I don't see why it is my problem.
  2. I have had a bonfire site at the end of my garden for as long as I have lived in my house, 20 years+. In that time my neighbour has planted a tree which has grown and now partially overhangs the bonfire such that when it flares up to a reasonable height it scorches some of the leaves and branches. The best sort of bonfire is the fiery sort which doesn't smoulder and produce nasty fumes. He is now complaining that I am damaging his tree and wants me to move my bonfire. The site is the only one in the garden which is not used for vegetables and at this time of year the
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