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  1. Thankyou for your reply, I have tried asking the council to make payments to them but they just referred me back to the bailiffs.. They said it is in the bailiffs hands now not theirs. They didnt want to know.. So if i made payments regular through internet banking do they take it that i am trying to pay the debt and will it get the bailiff off my back
  2. Hi, We arrived home from work to find a distress notice: seizure of goods & inventor, posted through our door inside a white envelope that looked like it had been hand delivered. There are charges for two previous visits, but this is the first we have heard from them!! My husbands car was parked on driveway and they have written details of car on form. When my husband phoned Andrew James office, they demanded full payment of arrears to which my husband explained was impossible to pay. They were rude to him and then put phone down on him. I have phoned them today asking for details in writing of previous visits and name of bailiff who supposedly attended. They refused to give me any information and told me to email them and then they put the phone down on me. There is no email address on the form! I phoned the council and asked them if they would take the debt back in to their administration, but they said no and that i had to deal with the bailiffs. I told them the bailiffs have unlawfully charged me and were refusing to speak to me, only to tell us to pay in full or they would come and collect car in 5 days. But still the council will not help us in anyway. We are not refusing to pay the debt but asked if we could come to a reasonable weekly amount. my husband is feeling very suicidal and i am very scared.
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