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  1. oh what a pain, wort a try though I guess. Do you know the best contact details for them? I have just heard from the FCSC and they say they are unable to trace an account - how weird - defo had one. Have no documentary evidence sadly
  2. You are correct, its not legal. SCOR guidelines are for defaults to be added 3-6 months in arrears. Under FCA guidance for "treating customers fairly" if you feel you havent been you can complain for: 1. financial loss 2. Material distress 3. Material inconvenience FOS will look into any complaint under these guidelines once the company has given its final response. So far of the 4, 2 have agreed but it was before I knew the correct complaints procedure so I received a small amount only. Going for bigger now with the others.
  3. No, its paid off I am now complaining to all companies that failed to register a default and left me in a worse position than had I paid the debt. I entered into a DMP. they didnt register a default and it remained on my file for 14years thus causing me an issue. Welcome are the only ones who I have not managed to register a complaint against.
  4. Does anyone know if I can still make a complaint against Welcome even though they are obviously now failed. I want to complain about credit reporting etc. Sorry if not appropriate to create a thread. Many thanks
  5. So an update for you all. Having spoken to around 10 brokers and 2 high streets they all say the debts need to be paid off. Of course, I know theres the question how will they know but lets leave that aside for one moment...... I have negotiated very small F&F's with some but PRA are offering virtually nothing off ( 2500 o/s down to 2400) even though all 3 accounts are unenforceable and I am currently paying £1 per month and all are past the default + 6 years date. I am really struggling to understand the business logic in this
  6. Thanks - I have started enquiries and will let you know how it goes!
  7. I think the difference at play here is that I am being honest and saying I have only just finished a DMP
  8. so, if you burn the body then there is no trace - along comes DNA 20 years later I am not saying you are wrong just finding it hard to understanding
  9. I am sorry, I am having real trouble in understanding why you think someone lending you £350,000 has no right to know if you are more/less likely to repay the money lent? Mortgage fraud is very real and is criminal I believe, in cases, attracting custodial sentences. I highlight this for anyone reading this and seeking advise.
  10. Its an interesting point you are making. If a lender has a question on an app form "Have you EVER experienced credit issues" I find it hard to find any other answer than yes? Now, I know the law is not as straight forward as that.......
  11. "They" are the lender, surely lying on the application is mortgage fraud or something
  12. But if they ask in the application you have to answer honestly surely? And I am assured most do ask.
  13. No CCj's, no defaults. Any ideas on a good broker - I have tried a few so far
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