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  1. Hi Ignition, the response you got from Lending Stream that you've quoted in your post, who did you write/email to in order to recieve this? I have a similar situation with lendingstream from a loan I paid back a couple of years ago and would like to get the ball rolling to get it removed. Cheers
  2. I assumed we have an 'arrangement to pay' where although each account was being paid off £5 a month, the total was still £25 a month and the debt would have been fully paid off in 8 months (a full repayment plan was set up). I assumed a token payment was one were initially paying little to nothing with the idea of paying more as your budget allowed later on. My bank is saying if there were funds available in the account they would not have stopped lending stream taking the money even if they took 5 separate payments a month. Furthermore, although I accept the repayment of the debt is ultimately mine I cannot understand why lending wouldn't tell me until 8 months later that some of these payments hadn't actually been coming out, do they not have a duty of customer care to ensure the customer is made aware of this
  3. Sorry for the length bit of a messy one here: Got into a bit of a payday muddle with this company and set up a repayment plan with them back in April 2013. The repayment plan was accepted and I was paying around £25 total on the 1st of every month on 5 separate lending stream accounts. This was to last until 1st December 2013 when the account would be fully paid or so I thought. The last payments went through 1st of December and I though great I am finally rid of this horrible company. However, imagine my surprise just a few days ago (Feb 5 2014) when Lending stream send me an email saying I still owe £85 and the debt will be passed to debt collectors within 7 days if I don't pay. Add to this I checked my credit report and lending stream had actually defaulted my account 27 ocotober 2013. As you can imagine I was very confused and called Lending Stream immediately. Turns out according to Lending stream some of the payments on my repayment plan didn't actually go through and this is why payments are outstanding. They agree with me that money was always available on my account (my wages go through last working day of every month) and say because I had 5 accounts that I was repaying every month my bank probably rejected some payments due to security and fraud prevention. I called my bank and they dispute this and I also mentioned to lending stream why did they not tell me all these months payments had not gone through and simply send an email randomly out of the blue when I though the debt had been paid off. They mentioned its my responsibility to ensure payments are made. Is there anything I can do in this situation, surely it is the responsibility of lending stream to collect money as long as I have funds in my account and at least inform me if payment is outstanding. What's the next step here Many Thanks
  4. O/P how did you set up a repayment plan with ladder loans? Also currently paying them a crippling amount monthly and haven't been able to afford this last few months, how were they to deal with?
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