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  1. Hi guys, thanks for your advice. Yes it to do with council tax. We are not in a position to pay, and nor are we going to be, as our situation is only going to get worse. They've sent us letters threatening us with prison, and saying they are going to refer the case back to the council for commital to prison. We have in the past made offers to pay small amounts when we can to the council. But they refused.
  2. Hi all, Despite the people at rossendales being given a cease and desist over the phone, and verbally when they called (this was filmed, and yes the bailiff did discuss in public confidential details without ascertaining who I was, and no I didn't give any info whatsoever) I also informed him that he was trespassing (which he denied) and asked him to leave the property (which he refused and said I could call the police if I wished, I said thankyou and goodbye, walked back into my home and he left reasonably quickly - I never called the police), they called again and I just didn't answer. I've now sent a cease and desist letter to there offices by tracked recorded signed for royal mail (I also have cease and desist notice in front door window to them, should they approach the property again). My partner completely goes into a total shaking crying wreck everytime there's a knock at the door, I also have children who I feel are threatened (despite my assurance that they have no power), I am also under the care of the local hospital psychological outpatient department as i'm currently recovering from two nervous breakdowns/major depressive episodes and am on extremely strong anti-depressants, courtesy of idiots harassment. What i want to know is 1- can I physically remove the bailiff from my property? 2- can I get a restraining order against them? 3- can I sue them for harassment? Anne 4- can I sue the council as I believe they are responsible for any agent they employ/subcontract's behaviour and conduct? Many thanks to all.
  3. Hi Guys, after sending me my licence back (received sat morn) with the three points manually added, and that i had been fined £60. I received another letter stating that they had made an application to the court for an order to pay! attached to earnings, benefits etc, (in my plea i'd already offered to pay in installments due to my current situation - i'd already sent a financial statement and details of my medical conditions, that i was unemployed but not on the sick). Not only that, but the letter also stated that not only is the fine £60 (no problem with that) but there is a "VICTIM surcharge" of £20! Surely that can't be right? and who is the flaming VICTIM?! help and advice would be appreciated thanks.
  4. Hi guys, Thanks for all your help and advice, the outcome, was 3 points and a £60 fine. Once again many thanks and much appreciated.
  5. P.s. There letter came vía normal mail and was not recorded or signed for.
  6. Hi all, i sent the above request form off by recorded tracked and timed delivery, i also notified the court concerned. It received a letter from UU which is as follows: claim no customer no etc. Dear me, Thank you for your letter dated 03/06/13 in regards to the above county court claim, and confirming your intent to defend the entire amount claimed. As the clain was issued from northampton county court on 14/05/13 and you had 14 days to respond with your intent i am unable to help you further regarding this matter. You will be required to contact northampton county court on 08454085302 to discuss your options directly with the court. If you would like anymore help, or information, please contact us on 08457461133. Our office is open between 8AM and 6PM monday to friday and 9AM to 12PM on saturday. We will be happy to help you. Yours sincerely etc etc. What do i do now guys? Many thanks and much appreciated.
  7. Sorry Guy's i didn't make myself clear. The speeding charge is not a problem, i accept that one, the problem is they also charged me with failing to provide details of who the driver was both of which are 3 penalty points (obviously i can't do that if i haven't received a request/notification, also any check on the data bases of the DVLA and the British Motor Insurance Bureau would reveal that i am the sole owner, and the only person insured to drive the vehicle). I've spoken to the police about it, and they've given me the number of the ticketing dept at HQ and told me to speak to them and explain the situation. After going through all the paperwork they sent me it says that they've previously sent me correspondence relating to this and that they've done this and i haven't replied (as far as i'm aware the fact that they say something has been sent is not proof that i've received it, personally when when sending anything legal or important i always send it royal mail tracked times delivery with a signature as this prevents problems such as this). I also noticed that it wasn't a Police Officer that reported me but one of the PCSO toy army brigade, I also noticed that his typed/printed statement has been manually altered with a pen relating to the times of the offence when he calibrated the radar gun, obviously he's signed the statement but the question is was altered prior to his signature or afterwards? Why did he not just re-type/re-print it and then sign it? the time difference is a good few hours, and the original unaltered statement would put him elsewhere. Surely the fact that it has been altered would render it inadmissable as evidence? I'm also going down to thew court tomorrow to speak to them about the non notification as recommended by the police (They were unsusually and strangely helpful! and rang me back as as they promised to, they also asked if i would like to make a complaint against either the PCSO or the ticketing department (i said i haven't decided yet)? I would be grateful for any help if anyone can? Many thanks.
  8. Help! I've just had a court summons from the police with regard to a speeding offence from the 13th february 2013. They say i've not responded to requests to name the driver (i havent had any!) This is the first i've heard of it! Apparently ut was a police officer with a radar gun. They are trying to add on all sorts of costs etc... This can't be right surely? Can i request things like the officers mobile phone records. (He claims in his statement that it was turned off), can i also request calibration details of the radar gun/epuipment? Help surely these idiots can't be allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour?
  9. Hi all, The date of the summons issue is 14th may 2013, from the county court bulk centre northampton. the particulars of the claim are as follows: £2849.08 is due from the defendant to the claimant for water service charges and any other charges incurred relating to such, at : my address. for period to 31/03/2014, full particulars of which have been supplied to the defendant. it then has a printed name of united utilities "head of legal" no signature. I also note that it comes from a "county court bulk centre" with a county court stamp, i didn't think this was legal as the document is not from an actual court, and has not actual signature on it - anywhere? I also believe that i'm entitled to see the oath of office that any "judge" who issues this claim - as there is no name of any judge or advocate this cannot be a legal document and as such fraudulent? I think it might be called a "point of law?". No "particulars" have been supplied to me whatsoever. Nor have i signed any contract or agreement or in fact any document at all relating to united utilities whatsoever, this again surely cannot be legal? Also can i counter claim for trespass on the property, damage to the driveway, storage of the offending item which damaged my vehicle, as well as time and charges related to defending this frivolous claim, could i also report them to the police for attempting to obtain money by deception or menaces (threatening to sue me), surely this must also constitute fraud? Hope i didn't give you too much, i'm just trying to explore as many avenues as possible. Many thanks, and much appreciated.
  10. Thats a good point, maybe i should just ask them to produce the contract agreement that i DIDN'T sign and have never seen?
  11. I took this house over when my mother died (they continued to chase her for years after her death - despite being told!). I don't think there's another provider around here?
  12. Hi all, new user here, hope someone can help? I've recently received a county court judgement summons from northampton county court bulk centre on mon 20/5/2013, they are claiming that i owe them £3K! for "water charges and any such other charges relating to such at my address" for period to 31/3/2014! (didn't think you could charge for a service that you hadn't provided). The problem being that i've not had any bills or correspondence from them for years! apart from the generic leaflet through the door informing me that they were conducting work in the road (which resulted in them damaging my driveway even though they didn't have permision to be on the property!). Surely in order to pay a bill you have to first receive one? I'm unemployed at the moment and have been for some time, i'm also recovering from two severe nervous breakdowns, i'm under the outpatient care of the local nhs psychology department, and am on prolonged medication for severe depression, I'm also undergoing tests for a particular form of cancer at the moment. I will not be "bullied" by these people, but i'm at my wits end and fearful of a depressive relapse episode. Can anybody help? Many thanks and much appreciated.
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