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  1. Apologies for the delay in updating as I said. The meeting I had was cancelled due to the HR manager taking long term sick leave herself. A new meeting has been arranged for next week. The company have now withdrawn the option of ill health retirement as per the OH report and changed to either reviewing the case or dismissal on medical capability. I feel they have already decided to go with dimissal but I can't blame them considering my illness
  2. Thank you both for your advice. I'm expecting to be let go but I guess I'm concerned about the future of my career with this illness absence on it. I can support myself with ESA and health insurance so I guess I shall focus on not keeling over anymore! Best wishes
  3. Hello Forum Members, I do hope you can offer me some advice on an upcoming welfare meeting. I understand the welfare meeting can result in continued support or agreement to dismissal In May last year, I collapsed at work following a heart attack (I'm only 28) and I'm unfit to work at the moment and in reciept of ESA (Support Element) as I'm undergoing extensive treatment/investigation. I'm due to have surgery and a pacemaker fitted in July and have been told I would be good to return to work by November time. However, I realise the company have been paying me sick pay, holiday pay and covering my role etc and cannpt expect to continue 'supporting' me and I need to focus on getting better/back to work I am very weak and unsteady at the moment and they have offered to do the meeting via conference call. I am wondering if I should go in person as a gesture or whether it would be silly of me to turn this down? Secondly, the Occupational Health have recommended the potential of ill health retirement which financially would be supportive but I'm concerned about the effect on me in a future career having that on my CV/reference as I don't want to be on ESA for life. Occ Health have also told the company I am covered by the DDA which I'm unsure if complicates anything? The business I'm in that I doesn't have a union relationship and I'm not in a Union myself though I am member of Mind Appreciate any view/advice
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