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  1. Sonya please do not worry this wont do you any good whatsoever and please dont beat yourself up you aint messed up we all make mistakes I have been where you are and I know what your going through. Firstly as the very knowledgeable Ellen has said this is just a scare tactic you will probably have a few more letters this week up to the actual day and a few phonecalls as well. This is going to sound very very negative but ... be careful what you say to them on the phone they record their calls and anything that weakens your case will be used against you. Okay now going to court aint all that bad
  2. GE are a nightmare - fact! I have been through and am still going through hell with them and I know exactly what your saying about them refusing to accept things - they will (or get their representatives to ) lie through their teeth in court. You have done the right thing by filling in the N244 and by making the payment - if you can remember dates and times that you contacted GE write them down and take them with you to show the judge you have tried to resolve this with them as they will claim to have no record even though all their calls are recorded. Their solicitors are Simply Law but if y
  3. I dont know if this will be of any help - but I have recently been through a full reposession was actually reposessed and then given back the property same day. paid off arearrs following day in full and actually am in credit on my payments now (hoorah!) However, when I asked the mortgage company why they wouldnt withdraw the posession order they told me it would stay in force for 6 years and if the arrears accrued again they could automatically go for posession! I am in limbo at the moment but awaiting on the ombudsman before I go direct to court to see if I can get it overturned - so guess y
  4. I'm posting this to see if anyone has ever come across the nightmare that my partner and I are just recovering from. Will try and be consise as its complicated - we bought out property late 2006 with a 110k mortgage from Ge - we put down the rest of the money ourselves - currently its worth and on the market for just short of £250k. Right here goes - one thing and another we fell into arrears and off and on for about 3 years was back and fore to court to save the property from reposession. On 9th jan this year went to court on what should have been a straight forward hearing for claimant
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