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  1. The proceedings are at a court hearing next month. Having made the accusation of infidelity with her ex she served me with notice. Obviously this made it difficult for us to work together and I removed my daughter from her care almost immediately. A week or so later she wrote to me asking for the six weeks notice along with what I already owed in childminding she had done. My Mum wrote a cheque for the outstanding fees and I enclosed it with a letter stating it was full and final payment for termination of her services. She wrote back accepting the cheque (after it had been cashed)
  2. I have a copy of the letter sent with the cheque and a copy of the cashed cheque. In relation to the suicide she has provided a letter from her doctors stating she has never been prescribed anti depressants or visited them in relation to mental health issues
  3. The claim made is for £1095. That includes costs and expenses. I am unrepresented. I was under the impression that the fact she accepted and cashed the cheque made out by Mum (being a third party) in full and final settlement of termination of the contract would put and end to it. Am I wrong assuming this?
  4. In April 2012 I employed a registered childminder to look after my baby daughter. A contract was signed and she commenced childminding. From then we also became friends. All was well until Feb 2013 when the childminder accused me of having a relationship with her ex and she gave me 6 weeks notice of termination of her services. Obviously this was a difficult situation and I removed my daughter almost immediately from her care (she had previously stated to me that she had attempted suicide) Having removed my daughter from her care I received a letter from the childminder asking for th
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