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  1. Brilliant, not only unemployed but I've got to pay £10 to see what my ex employer has written. And what about the fact that the NHS appeared to completely forget to let me know about the withdrawal of employment. What about that they were in possession of the, what I'm assuming was such a terrible reference, for six weeks prior to me finding out, and only because I contacted them! Why didn't they inform me immediately, that way at least I could have moved on. What excuse are they going to give, and why will a simple apology suffice for the damage they have caused. It appears to me that as long as these organisations apologise unreservedly for their errors, everythting is by default over and forgotten. How comes I wasn't given the opportunity to appologise for something that I had no idea was wrong. Why wasn't the fact that I was truly ignorant of the rule, that is, to abbreviate the word Pakistani was wrong. I can't believe this has happened to me, and surely I can bring it to someone's attention who has the authority to assist me in gaining justice. Criminals, once they have paid for their crime, can move on, what am I supposed to do if every reference is going to have this black smear on it. It's insane!
  2. A brief history of my dilema. What I write is completely tue, please believe me as there would be absolutely no point in holding details back or twisting the truth. Several years of working in a private hospital specialising in mental health problems. Many occasions being asked to break policy and procedures due to logistic difficulties, which I refused to do every time. This didn't go down well with management. Witnessing terrible abuse against service users which led to me threatening to whistle blow. Accused of being a trouble maker. Contacted CQC and was advised by them to not take the matter further. Someone at CQC must have contacted hospital and let them know I'd been in touch. Finally, the hospital finds something to pin on me and I get dismissed for racial abuse; I admitted to abbreviating the word Pakistani. Please note, I didn't say anything in an aggressive manner, there were no abusive prefix or suffix used. I purely abbreviated the word. 3 union members fought my case but the solicitors refused to back me. I haven't permanently worked for two years, however I applied for a job within the NHS and I was offered the position subject to references. At the interview I managed to skim over the issue of a sanction but did give details at the time of doing checks. I submitted 4 references; all were past employers, plus my line manager at the time of my dismissal. All references would have been excellent save for the one where I was sacked, but even they couldn't question my record on sickness, reliability, time keeping etc. So I wait but hear nothing. I'm advised that they were in receipt of all references and assumed that the only thing missing was a CRB check. 6 weeks go by without any correspondence whatsoever. I think nothing of it as I know the CRB can take that long. I finally contact the CRB to find out at what stage my check was only to find out that no request had been made. I write three emails to the HR department asking at what stage they were, and my mail is ignored, that is, no reply. The next email I explained that I'd contacted the CRB and that I would like an explanation as to the slow progress. Only then do I receive a letter explaining that the offer of employment had been withdrawn. I'd like to know why the offer was withdrawn and why it took, not only my initiation to get a reply, but 6 weeks. I now know that they never intended to give me the job (no CRB check initiated) but why didn't they inform me immediately. I also feel that it was very unfair to not consider that maybe I was the victim, after all 3 out of the 4 references would have been excellent. I also ticked every other box that was required to carry out the job efficiently. What am I meant to do? How is it possible that I am seriously ruined and deemed unemployable when I've done nothing wrong? OK, on reflection, possibly I should have known better. Possibly in this day and age of PC insanity, I needed to attempt to anticipate a colleagues perception better, but these are not serious crimes. I've never been in trouble with the law, but even if I had, ex criminals seem to get more empathy than me. How can I be so demonized and held responsible for eternity, it's madness. I also ask you what I can do about the unprofessional, inappropriate manner that the NHS HR department handled my job application. Why did it take so long for them to withdraw the job offer? Please accept that everything I have explained is the whole truth. I haven't omitted anything, nor have I distorted the facts. I am at my wits end, frustrated and becoming extremely bitter. Is there anyone that can help me?
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